The Bar Belle: My Christmas list

Dec 18, 2007 at 6:42 pm
    Much like my resilient liver, my letters to Santa keep bouncing back. So I’m just going to publish it here and hope he reads LEO, at least every other week that is. Roger Baylor can fend for himself — may he get a lump of hops in his stocking (that’s a good thing, right?).

Dear Santa,
    LEO Bar Belle here. Let’s make this quick and painless. Enjoyed our time together last year … but still on those damned antibiotics! Hope all is well. Here’s what I want:
•Bottle of Woodford Reserve
•Trip to Ireland
•Cure for hangovers
•12-pack of Miller Lite (the water in my house is awful)
•Free year-round City Scoot service
•My own reserved table/area/shrine at the following establishments: Dundee Tavern, The Back Door, Headliners, Old Hickory, Wick’s, Norm’s, Gerstle’s, Jimmy’s, Rich O’s and the Tropical Isle (in New Orleans)
•The recipe for those delicious cheese fries at Cahoots
•Low beer prices
•For PBR not to be hip
•A decent ventilation system for the Pour Haus
•For Louisville’s bar-hopping public to put down the karaoke mic and embrace the talented musicians and bands we take for granted
•For peace on earth and a truce between O’Shea’s/Flanagan’s/Brendan’s and Maker’s Mark
•For beer snobs and swill chuggers to play together in a sandbox
•For Starbucks to sell Jagerbombs (“Buckbombs”?)
•6-pack of Zima (hey, it was my first!)
•For friends and strangers to buy me drinks*
•Crispier hot wings
•Non-cancer-causing cigarettes
•More tippers and less bitchers
•More bars in more places

*LEO does not advise its readers to buy Sara drinks. Her friends, however, should pony up.

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