The Bar Belle

Jul 31, 2007 at 6:10 pm

Buzz me two times
You can’t cop a buzz twice in one day. I proved that fact Friday when, on assignment, I “researched” the early-morning happenings at area third-shift bars. What I discovered I’ll share at another time. Most devastating was that I couldn’t re-coup later in the night from a pre-dawn buzz. Even with an enormous home-cooked meal at Norm’s and an afternoon nap, I couldn’t muster the desire to swill anymore. Does that mean I’m old?

A squirrelly Weasel Walk
As hundreds of eager pub-crawlers gathered Saturday night at the various St. Matthews bars participating in the annual WQMF Weasel Walk, they were met with an unfortunate, unexpected change — a $5 fee for a wristband that would essentially get you in to each of the seven establishments without paying a cover. Makes sense on paper, however, most of the bars in that area hardly ever charge covers, and the ones that do charge a fee for live music — Gerstle’s, Dutch’s — never had a problem in the past 10 years with walkers pit-stopping in for a quick brew. Shelling out dough for seven drinks, plus tip, certainly adds up. And the extra $5 only pissed people off to the extent that they skipped bars and doubled up at the next. One angered Weasel even vowed he’d skip next year’s. “It’s not these dumb shirts we’re after — that’s not why we do this,” he said on his way to Brendan’s. “It’s the challenge. The journey … hey … I love Journey!”

The QMF cronies explained that the $5 charge was a last-minute idea by the bars to offset the costs of people coming in and out of their establishment when they would usually charge a cover. They also hinted that the bars don’t care for walkers who run in for a quick stamp. Here’s a suggestion: have the card stampers stand outside of the venue. They’ll be able to satisfy the pathetic T-shirt mongers and leave room for people who don’t mind spending the money.

In my book, the Weasel Walk is merely a warm-up for the annual Gettin’ Drunky in KY/No Cover Walk (NCW) down Baxter and Bardstown Road (Sept. 8). I paid the $5. I bought drinks at each bar. I tipped. But I could also understand why so many people felt ripped off.
Did I mention the NCW is free? Stay tuned for details.