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Feb 2, 2023 at 5:38 pm
Students respond to SB150
Students respond to SB150

We like it when you talk to us, even if you’re upset. This space is for you. Sometimes, we talk back. 

Sir, A little Transphobic...

Just when we all thought Leo couldn’t sink any further from it’s grandeur during John Yarmuth’s Editorship, you give your thorns rating to proposed bills in the legislature. Have you literally lost your mind and any credibility you might have had ????? 

Do you honestly think that requiring students to use the restroom of their birth gender,  makes life hell for LGBTQ folks ?????????  REALLY ?? Were you raised by wolves ?? EVERY parent has already taught that to their child before they ever start to school (except in your delusions apparently).

Do you honestly think MEDICALLY TRAINED EXPERTS should NOT be allowed to use their training (training that you don’t have) to decline performing harmful procedures ?? So, you think that patients that want radical procedures that have ramifications they can’t possibly understand, should be allowed to force Doctors to do something, just because they want it, just as a spoiled brat thinks they should get everything they want ??????????????

Do you honestly think that permanent unnecessary irreversible surgeries should be legally allowed for minor children, when we know that the human brain is not fully developed until about age 25, and few of us don’t radically view the world differently, as adults than we did when we were immature children ???????????????????

IF you honestly believe that any of these bills harms LGBTQ folks for even a second, then you truly are one of the few older adults that has not gotten wiser as you’ve aged. You are clearly pandering to the young skulls of unformed mush that applaud your writing. I pity your friends and family. —Ronnie Roberts

Unequivocally, we believe that people should feel safe, comfortable and receive the care they believe they need from their physicians. Also, those decisions should only be between a patient and their physician. We never support legislation to place anyone in harm’s way. It’s easy to mind our own business, but KY’s Republican legislature seems to find that increasingly difficult — really goes against that personal freedom stance they spout a lot.


you are disgusting

your leo columns and hate for America are sad. Why not move?

—Nicholas Parrino

It’s expensive. 

Sullivan’s Travels So great to have Tim Sullivan back writing here in Louisville. He was not only just a great sports writer for the CJ, but one of the best writers period. It is going to be wonderful to read his singular voice on whatever he feels is a worthy story to tell. ­­—Rick Hill

We’re pretty excited about it, too.