Rumor & Innuendo: What you didn’t see.

Jan 16, 2007 at 9:12 pm

A throng of hangers-on and media folk — cameramen, scribes, talking heads — jostled for position last week outside the elevator from which new coach Steve Kragthorpe (nickname pending) would arrive for his coronation in the press room of the Pizza Bowl. The doors opened, an entourage disembarked, lights flashed, cameras clicked ... and the new Cardinal pigskin pontiff immediately hung a lefty into the men’s room. “There’s the money shot,” commented one wag.

Out of the Blue, Into the Red.

Among those hangers-on at Kragthorpe’s intro were former Big Blue stars Derrick Ramsey and Rick Robey. ??????

A zebra moment.

Before tip-off of a recent Cardinal game, one of the refs looked over at a couple of leather lungs in the front row behind one of the baskets. “You guys in a good mood tonight? I remember you. I never forget a face.” The Cards won. The fans made nice.


My sources tell me that West Virginian Patrick Patterson, currently UK’s main recruiting target, will matriculate elsewhere. Which means the ever-underestimated Tubster will find an overachiever somewhere else to fill the spot.


After the snafu that snatched the Delaware coaching job from Kevin Willard last year, the U of L assistant is more determined than ever to find a head coaching position after this season. It is my understanding that The Rick will use all his contacts to find his second fiddle a position in the lead chair.


Speaking of U of L assistants (former), after a 1-3 start, Reggie Theus’s New Mexico State Aggies have reeled off 13 wins in a row. The dapper — he always looks marvelous — and talented mentor has his squad undefeated in league play, perched in a tie with No. 15 Nevada at the top of the WAC.


When it comes to bracket-fillin’ time, you’d be well served not to overlook the decadently uniformed Oregon Ducks. Guard Aaron Brooks is a gamer. In fact, all the PAC 10 NC2A tourney entrants should be ready for a long dance. Their league is the best in the land this season.

By seedy k

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