Rumor & Innuendo (Rumblings From the World of Sports): “U of L’s a football school.” Maybe, just maybe.

Nov 7, 2006 at 8:19 pm
Coaching irony.
In the wake of U of L’s convincing win over West Virginia, it seems appropriate to repeat a story told here before. This advised by a fella who was part of Louisville’s football apparatus at the time. Back when it became apparent that Tom Jurich was going to deep-six the ineffectual Ron Cooper, my guy got a call from an assistant asking for help in getting an interview for the job. Then offensive coordinator under Tommy Bowden at Tulane, the caller at the other end of the line was Rich Rodriguez. How the world does turn! Speaking of the Mountaineer coach ...

... fuggadabout that Tar Heel thang.
More than a few sources are sure Rodriguez’s open flirtation is merely a ploy for mo’ money in Morgantown. Ya, it’s hard to believe, but, hey, it happens.
Speaking of coaches who are available ...
Is Butch Davis in the catbird’s seat or what? His name is at the top of every list. Even Michigan State, where the rumors about former U of L offensive coordinator Steve Mariucci are likely to remain simply that. On good authority, Davis is already getting a staff in place to take over at either Michigan State or North Carolina, where the bucks will be boffo, or Miami, where Larry Coker is being tossed in the toaster as we speak, or some other pigskin factory where the alums with too much cabbage in their pockets are disenchanted. Davis will not be in Lexington, where Rich Brooks apparently added a year of life with Saturday’s win.

Future foes.
Scheduling master Tom Jurich is said to have been turned down on his offers of home and home series by both Tennessee and Alabama. He was willing to play the Vols twice in Nashville, once in Knoxville and once here. Or so it is rumored. On the other hand, a series with LSU is apparently in the offing.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
“We’re on a collision course with the national championship, the only variable is time.”

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