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Sep 26, 2006 at 8:28 pm
Well, roll down the echoes! Ain’t the Golden Dome just a might shinier this week? And isn’t that John L’s scalp on the totem pole of tradition? Why, I do believe it is.

Smith begone?
It took 40 years after the famous 10-10 Michigan State-Notre Dame tie for folks in East Lansing to retire Bubba Smith’s jersey. Which they did Saturday before the Spartans spit out the bit against the Irish. The current coach won’t last nearly that long. I’m told the green faithful are getting way tired of John L’s ways. And his team’s propensity to give games up. Some alums gave the school $5 mil to expand the football facility. Word is John L won’t be around to enjoy it.

Door still revolving?
I’m advised one member of U of L’s heralded freshman hoops class is already a bit disgruntled and has spoken with his family about transferring. I mean, really, it’s not even Oct. 15 yet. Let’s hope it’s simply homesickness.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.

The Fighting Owls were nudged yet again last Saturday. This time 6-45 to Steve Spurrier’s previously hapless Gamecocks. For Schnell it was 2 + 2 = 4. “They made us look like we’re not in the same competition level, and that’s not unusual because we’re not.”
On a happier note, let’s look back at two of Schnell’s Shiniest Moments. Who can forget that august day in ’93, when Schnell’s Cards battered Texas’ Longhorns? Schnell owned all he surveyed. Not one to miss a detail, he dictated the stadium umbrella policy to fans during his pre-game show.
Here’s one better. Before he was rudely replaced as Supreme Commander Sooner Nation, Schnell was implored to help out the OU marching band. Seems Okie fans had a habit of leaving the dry stadium for a beverage during halftime. The band director pled mayday to Coach. So, on his next TV show, SchnellMaestro implored the fans “to sneak your beer into the stadium so you can stay in your seats at halftime and enjoy the  show.”

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