Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

May 16, 2006 at 8:01 pm

Osborne cornhuskered!
A couple of football seasons ago, Nebraska moved into the modern day when they rejected a legacy and hired pass-happy Bill Callahan as football coach in Lincoln. It’s been a rocky start. But those Big Red fans showed last Tuesday they are truly ready to move on. Former pigskin coach-cum-icon, Tom Osborne, lost the GOP gubernatorial primary. Say it ain’t so. A three-term congressman, the three-time “national champion” coach had never received less than 82 percent of the vote in an election. He’s quoted as telling his supporters: “This is a tough one to take.”

Query for Cats fans.
Tom Jurich keeps getting major props for building up women’s sports and other “minor” programs at U of L. Deservedly so. So, how come we don’t hear similar props for Mitch Barnhart? The Big Blue are having a boffo spring, especially on the links and the diamond.

Hoops news.
Here’s what I got … nuttin’ honey. I mean, really, is this a fallow time o’ year, or what? When the biggest basketball buzz in the burg is that Perrin Johnson is transferring to Bellarmine, ya know the cupboard is bare. You got anything for me, the address is at the bottom of the column.

Hockey update.
Nothin’ here, either. Since my Red Wings were eliminated, I’ve been paying as much attention as you have. Which means: zero.

A modest Derby proposal.
Somebody called in Lach’s show the other night with a truly boffo idea that would conceivably make the Derby a truer run race. Develop a point system that would give horses with the glossiest past performances first crack at the best post positions. How very revolutionary! How very sensible! And what a bold first move by the next prexy of the Downs. Stay tuned to see if this one’s got legs.

Kudos where they’re due.
My cohort, Bill Doolittle, picked the Derby winner. Before the race even. Probably wagered on the nag. So, hats off. So what that the last time he picked the winner BD was shining Roscoe Goose’s shoes, the boy is deservedly proud.

A new ERA.
Best earned run average in MLB as of Sunday: Detroit Tigers. Whodathunkit?