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Apr 11, 2006 at 8:31 pm

One and done.
Bobby Gonzalez finally reached the next step. After the up-and-comer inexplicably lost out on several high-profile jobs in the last few years, the former Manhattan mentor has landed in Joisey at Seton Hall. Which means that his former aide (and current Cardinal assistant) Steve Masiello might have a short one-year stay in town. He could return as head man for the Jaspers.

Whither Willard?
The Rick’s lead assistant, jilted unceremoniously by Delaware’s Blue Hens, is among the gaggle who might land at Murray State. It’s far from a sure thing. But if KW and Masiello both find a spot elsewhere, Pitino will have a major turnover on his bench for the second year in a row. That’s not a good thing.

Lacrosse legacy.
On the bright side for Cards fans is that Louisville isn’t as far out of the mix for legacy star Nolan Smith as many might think. Derek’s son is said to have Duke on his mind. But his ties to this town remain strong. And the racial brouhaha fostered by the Blue Devil lacrosse scandal hasn’t hurt the local cause.

Final Howl.
My last rant about the Cards hoops season. Honest. Did you see where UCLA’s Ben Howland said early injuries helped his really young Final Four squad? Did you see where Sidney Green, papa of national champ point guard Taurean, wanted his son to play at U of L? The Cards only had eyes for Telfair. Did you notice that the Gators had room as a starter for shooter-only Lee Humphrey? I did, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Bryan Harvey and Nate Daniels. Finally, will his coach allow Jonathan Huffman to develop during his sophomore year the way Billy Donovan allowed Joakim Noah? OK, I’ll give it up. Only 183 days until Midnight Madness.

Whassup wit des guys?
Major League Baseball woke up Sunday morn with only two undefeated teams — the Milwaukee Brewers and the Detroit Tigers! Huh? Brewer Billy — a/k/a Badger Billy after his squad won the Frozen Four in college pucks — proclaims the Brew Crew as “the real deal.” Meanwhile, ol’ Seedy here, born in Motown, is praying that Jim Leyland’s tater-poppin’ Tigers are legit. Hey, it’s a great day, let’s play deux.
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