Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

Aug 8, 2006 at 9:29 pm

Heard it on the X.
There is a slight chance that U of L’s exhibition games in Canada will be available on the radio. The school is working on it. There’s a slimmer possibility that the tilts might be televised. But don’t be setting your TIVO just yet.

Cats fans really seeing red.
More than a few Big Blue fans have been really grousing about U of L AD Tom Jurich’s selection into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame. It’s like the guy has hardly unpacked his moving boxes, or so they’ve whispered in my ear.

They shoot horses, don’t they?
Longtime U of L hoops fans are getting increasingly put off by the revolving door at Minardi Hall. How come so many good kids with legit potential are here and gone? In the past week, several sources close to the program have offered similar stories about Chad Millard’s transfer and the abdication of Brian Johnson. As the innuendo goes, The Rick called Millard on the carpet for his long locks after the forward got some TV time during a Cardinal Caravan foray to Owensboro. Millard thought he’d done a good thing and then felt unjustifiably ripped by the coach for nothing. Goodbye Derbyplace, hello Omaha. I’m told Johnson was evolving as a team leader this summer, despite coming out second-best to Derek Caracter in pick-up games. It is said Johnson tried to approach the coaching staff on Millard’s behalf but was rebuffed. Goodbye Gateway to the South, hello D.C. or Tallahassee. Another story passed along by a number of sources concerns a sense by players of a double standard on the team, fostered by an alleged serious transgression last season by TWill. It went relatively unpunished, while others have felt greater wrath for lesser offenses. Oh, yeah, the latest next great Cardinal, Earl Clark, still has a class to pass before he’s eligible.

SchnellSpeak of the week.
More wisdom from the Wizard of Wordplay? On football polls, the Schnell proclamath: “Unless you have a playoff, it’s all nebulous.” But he did have some positive words: “It’s the same thing as the Heisman Trophy winner, all that stuff adds its little bit to the charisma of college football.”

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