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Oct 10, 2006 at 8:41 pm
Sports Sunday.
Is there anything more sublime than reading The New York Times sports section the day after the Bronx Bombers have spit the bit yet again? Correct answer: No. The so-called “best lineup in the history of baseball” was drawn and quartered by my Tigers, who were but a week removed from blowing three straight at home to KC, the worst nine in the game.

Leave ’em alone.
Call me old school, but I absolutely hate these au courant in-game interviews with MLB managers. I know baseball’s pace ambles more than the other sports, but it’s still stupid and an intrusion. Imagine sticking a microphone in Bill Parcells’ face during a change of possession.

Midnight Madness.

U of L fans might be cocky. Cats fans might still be calling for Tubby’s head with practice just one night and a wake-up away. But hear me now and believe me later, my reports from Lexington confirm this year’s UK team is set to be the nation’s sleeper. For Orlando Smith, less — less übertalent, fewer prima donnas — has always been more.

Issue of Caracter.
People keep asking and I keep saying: I don’t know what’s up with the Cardinal freshman’s eligibility status, and none of my sources are sure, either.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
Our favorite coach proved his ambidexterity this weekend. FAU had an open date Saturday, so Schnell and Beverlee were hosts for a “Groovin’ to the ’60s”-themed charity event, the Baby Boomer Ball. After five tough games and their first win, he gave his players time off with this logic: “I’m really thankful we played well, and won the game. It’s for their own good. It’s not a gift, but with them playing hard and hanging in here after five road games, I thought it would be good for them if they got a reward.”

His final thoughts on those first five games were laced with the pigskin poet’s impeccable logic: “It’s hard not to be down when you don’t match up. And when you are as young as they are between the team we played Saturday and the ones we played before, there is a difference, but the closing of that gap can be quick and isn’t as big as it appears.”

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