Rumor & Innuendo

Nov 13, 2007 at 9:08 pm

Curioser and curioser. U of L’s defense, despite depleted ranks, has displayed moderate but palpable improvement. Tackling remains a problem. Charlie Stubbs’ offense is another matter. Zero running attack. Pass patterns no more sophisticated than a good high school team. Awful third down calls. And habitually late-arriving plays that give Brian Brohm no chance to check off. Or worse, force him to waste valuable timeouts.

First Family fall-out. It’s not been a good season for the Brohms. Brian stayed put and is stuck in a mediocre offense. Jeff turned down ’Bama and word is that all isn’t copacetic among Cards’ offensive coaches. A loud buzz says some in the U of L community are blaming the offensive woes on the Brohms. Talk about a misplaced scapegoat.

Say goodbye to ... UCLA’s Karl Dorrell.

Hot coaching name.
Look for Terry Bowden to be coaching at some BCS school next season. Probably not Auburn.

Pity the poor Patriots. How will New England ever survive the defection of Savior Charlie Weis? Oops, never mind.

Pop quiz. Thanks to last week’s upsets, we know Gardner-Webb, Belmont and Mercer are members of the Atlantic Sun. Name the other nine. No Googling allowed.

SchnellSpeak of the Week. Philosophical Schnell is still pondering a recent FAU defeat. “Us not being able to beat Monroe in that triple overtime has put a great deal of importance on each game. And obviously the fact we lost that game has put us into a whole different mode than if we’d had that one game of forgiveness if we’d won it.” After the Fighting Owls Beat Arkansas State, Therapist Schnell was pleased. “The players know they still control their destiny, and that tends to focus the mind.” Optimist Schnell took the mic and addressed the sparse crowd after the come-from-behind victory: “The players know they still control their destiny, and that tends to focus the mind. We’ll see you in New Orleans (in the New Orleans Bowl).”

The week before the game, Social Butterfly Schnell partied with his homies Michael Irvin and Dontrelle Willis at the opening of the Park Sports Club in a nearby casino.

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