Rumor & Innuendo

May 4, 2007 at 1:52 pm

Givin’ it back.
So we know the Brohm family is all Louisville all the time. Here’s a testament to their commitment to the good of the city as well as to its football fortunes. Last Tuesday night the clan was in full force at the annual fund-raiser for Wellspring, an organization serving those with severe or persistent mental illness. Family members addressed the crowd. A Brian Brohm-autographed football went for several thousand dollars.
Coach in charge.

New U of L football coach Steve Kragthorpe was also part of the proceedings. The fellow doesn’t lack confidence. When a fan introduced himself and told the coach fans were counting on him, Kragthorpe’s simple, focused response, “I know.” It’s obvious he’s been pointing toward the big time for a while now and feels he’s ready.

The next level.
Kentuckiana is obviously college hoops country, to the general exclusion of the NBA. That said, now’s the time to tune in to play-for-pay. During the playoffs, the pros play a wondrous game. It is basketball at the highest level for 48 minutes. Hoops fans shouldn’t deny themselves the pleasure simply because there are no unis reading Cards, Cats or Hoosiers.

NBA Champ???
The squad with the best regular season record, Mark Cuban’s Mavs, won’t capture the crown. Heck, by the time you read this, they may already have been eliminated by Golden State. Look for Phoenix to beat Detroit for the championship.

SOY spotted.
Ran into the formerly informed source who gave me the Thad Matta-to-UK rumor. The fellow was less than contrite. He blamed it on some friend in Cincy who is allegedly Bob Huggins’ best friend, who said Huggy Bear was the source of the rumor. Talkin’ ’bout passin’ the buck to an easy target!!!!

Exit strategy???
Perhaps the eminently cocky Nick Saban was shaken by the throng at the Crimson Tide spring game. Reports are he hasn’t signed his bounteous contract yet.

Derby picks.

No changes. 1) Circular Quay, 2) Curlin, 3) Street Sense. Ten percent gratuities after you cash your tickets graciously accepted. Cash only, of course.