Rumor & Innuendo

May 23, 2007 at 11:29 pm

The Reggie Report.
The name of preternaturally lovely — and talented — Reggie Theus keeps bobbing up in discussions about the next coach for Cisco Garcia’s Sacramento Kings. He’s a legacy, having starred for the franchise when it was still located in the heartland. My source says the Maloofs will pull the rug from underneath the New Mexico Aggie faithful when they hire the dashing former assistant to The Rick.

The Rocket Report.

One buddy who seems to have his finger on the pulsebeat of the major league baseball scene offers a unique perspective on what’s being heralded up NY way as THE RETURN OF ROGER. He says Clemens’ contract is not guaranteed, and that many close to the scene doubt he’ll be good enough to finish the season with the Yankees. The scenario being bandied about has Clemens toiling with minimal effect in pinstripes for a few games, and then, by mid-August, retiring for good to Texas “for family reasons.”

The Rick Report.
To the surprise of several wags, it was recently learned that The Rick actually flies commercial sometimes. He was recently spotted charming a Golden-Ager sitting next to him on a flight from Cleveland to Louisville. She opened the conversation, saying, “You’re Pitino, right?” They swapped family stories. The subject of basketball never came up, I’m told.

The Racing Report.
In a just world, Preakness-winning Curlin’s owners, Bill Gallion and Shirley Cunningham, would have been cuffed and arrested on their way to the winner’s circle at Pimlico. The fen-phen lawsuit lawyers’ licenses have been suspended, and a judge ruled they — along with another scalawag — defrauded their clients of tens of millions of dollars. At the very least, the winner’s share of the pot should be attached and given to the deserving victims. Perhaps Cunningham and Gallion could be drawn and quartered in the infield to add spice to the Belmont telecast.

The Rebound Report.
One guy’s prognostications: Spurs over Jazz in six. Pistons over Cavs in seven. Spurs over Pistons in six.

The Recreation Report.
It’s a gorgeous spring. Turn off arena football on the telly and get outta the house for a walk or a run or a hike or a bike ride. Recreate.

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