Rumor & Innuendo

Jun 12, 2007 at 8:15 pm

The Scrappy & Pit Stop Show.
With U of L up about a zillion to two with a couple of innings to play on Sunday, even the most nervous fans in the crowd felt comfortable knowing that a Cowboy three grand slam inning wouldn’t turn the tide. So the banter among the faithful was joyous and loosey-goosey. The fans in section 206 got a special treat. Cardinal catcher Derrick Alfonso’s young cousin, Logan “My Friends Call Me Scrappy” Paris, and his pal, who said he’s called “Pit Stop,” dazzled those around them by cracking open peanut shells on their foreheads. Like I said, intensity diminishes with an 18-run lead.

It’s a Red & Black town.

It’s easy to forget that one rarely saw anybody wearing U of L gear around town until the 1980 hoops title. In the years since, red has become the dominant color in many people’s wardrobe. Despite all the success through the years in hoops and recently in football, this past weekend confirms that U of L is now a major player on the collegiate sports scene. The men’s track team finished seventh in the NCAA championships. The baseball nine improbably slugged its way to the College World Series. To repeat the word heard most often over the weekend at the ballyard: Unbelievable.

That rookie thing.
First year Cardinal mentor Dan McDonnell is the first rookie head coach to make it to Omaha since 1980. Just another wicked good choice by AD of the Year Tom Jurich.

Kudos …
to Sean Moth. The fellow most know as the PA guy in football and basketball is a truly accomplished baseball play-by-play caller. One can only hope he announces the World Series games on 1450-AM. If so, check him out. Oh, yeah, he was another of those Tom Jurich hires.

Ho hum.
It’s the NBA championship I’m yawning about. The only thing worse than the games is the announcing crew chosen by ABC. With the whole ESPN stable of announcers at its disposal, the network choked with Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. All Van Gundy talks about is players flopping. And Jackson states the obvious in a way that would embarrass Joe Dean.