Rumor & Innuendo

Jan 2, 2007 at 8:49 pm
Give the points.
Ohio State will crush Florida. Sources advise the Buckeyes are focused and want to cement their spot in history.

Cards’ future QB.
I continue to be advised Brian Brohm will return for his senior season. Heisman innuendo is mighty persuasive. As for his replacement, next year or in the future, Hunter Cantwell is no lock. I’m told redshirt Tyler Wolfe is dazzling the coaches, even more than indicated recently in the C-J. Then there’s that Simms boy. Stay tuned.

Will Bobby pull a Schnelly?
There’s too much buzz about to ignore. Several sources advise that Oakland, Arizona, Cleveland and New York will all make a major pitch to lure U of L’s coach Petrino to the NFL.

Over/under on D.C.
The average guess on the number of games Derrick Caracter will play for U of L before his era as a Cardinal is done for good is nine. This whole scene feels like deja vu.

Over/under on Big East.
If U of L continues its current level of play and wins more than six in conference play, it will be a surprise. This young, talented team’s vexing play remains a riddle wrapped in a conundrum.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
 U of L practiced for and played last night’s Orange Bowl in our favorite pipedreamer’s backyard. So it seemed appropriate that we end our college football musings for the season with one-last-and-I-really-mean-it-this-time bit o’ literacy from the pigskin poet laureate. When asked recently about his famous “collision course” statement, Schnellymon masterfully mixed metaphors: “Too many people are looking for an insurance policy. You have to walk out onto the farthest branch of the tree and sing out your goals.” Commenting on the fact that the Cardinal football complex now bears his name (after a bunch of friends donated a bunch of money), Coach was, well, read on: “It humbles me, if you believe I can be humbled, that they would do that for me.” Indeed.

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