Rumor & Innuendo

Sep 5, 2006 at 9:29 pm

An issue of Caracter.
Info on the Derek Caracter situation has been difficult to come by. Of course, mum’s the word from folks involved with the program. It apparently has something to do with the player’s connections, if any, to a guy named Eddie Lau. He’s one of those scumbags who befriends prepsters with potential and leads them toward pro agents they work for. My sense is that the school truly believes it a minor matter and is being super-cautious. Let’s hope so.

Tony, Tony, Tony.
I know a guy who knows a guy with some connections at ESPN. According to him, the sports network is not happy with the first few outings of wise guy Tony Kornheiser in the Monday Night Football booth. The chemistry he has with Michael Wilbon on PTI just isn’t there with Tirico and Theisman, neither of whom have much of a sense of humor. Not to mention that by all accounts TK, a prima donna, is no pleasure to work with.

Post mortem.

OK, so my guys were wrong about Curtis Pulley starting for the Cats. One play. One TD. For the Cards. Other than that, it looks just the same as it ever was for UK. If I were Brooksie, I’d put my house up for sale now. It’s a buyer’s market. The Cats showed guts but were way overmatched talent-wise. Those three long Big Blue touchdowns prove Louisville’s defensive secondary and special teams remain question marks. So too the receiving corps. If Mario Urrutia is going to be the go-to guy, he’d best toughen up. Looked to me like Brohm hardly looked the Creeker’s way. Which is not to mention that Mario gave up on a downfield block that could have sprung a cohort for a score.


of the week.
Schnell’s FAU Fighting Owls were nudged 6-54 by Clemson. A wise man, The Pipe was looking in another direction: “When you are in a position like we are, we have to look at things other than the outcomes.” Coach remained philosophical: “As tough as it was for our guys to keep their heads up and act like the kind of players they are and will become, they did that under very adverse conditions.”