Rumor & Innuendo

Oct 23, 2007 at 6:45 pm

Riddle me this? Koach Steve, a few questions. What’s with all these 5-yard pass routes when it’s 3rd-and-9? How come none of those young scatbacks who might be breakaway threats haven’t been tried more in the backfield rotation? How come the same defenders who were pretty good tacklers last season are repeatedly coming up empty-handed this one? How come the offense seems to be regressing weekly?

Where are they all going to sleep?
U of L’s 2008 hoops recruiting class, that is. Are the Yum! Center and Minardi Hall big enough for all the hoopsters who could be on campus next fall? Plus, the Cards are still hoping superduperprep Tyreke Evans joins the multitudes. The size of the class seems to confirm: 1) The Rick thinks this year’s squad is going to be successful, and 2) That many now on the team will be going for the Benjamins after the season is over. If not, the Cards will have about 20 ballers on scholarship.

What were you thinking ... Kelvin Sampson? You gave the NCAA and your bosses at IU the finger. That you weren’t fired immediately last week reinforces that which has been apparent for awhile. It’s win at all costs, babeeee!

SchnellSpeak of the week.
Several weeks after FAU’s disappointing loss to South Florida, fans and media continued to dwell on it. But Fast Food Schnell had let go of the disappointment quickly — “by the time I got to Wendy’s. I don’t dwell on losses near like I dwell on wins. It’s unusual, I guess.” During the off week before last Saturday’s conference game with Louisiana Lafayette, Schnell the Tweaker contemplated personnel changes. “Both our punter and field goal kicker are somewhat gimpy — both of body and mind.”

The Fighting Owls fell behind the Ragin’ Cajuns with a minute to go. Cardiologist Schnell had the correct diagnosis: “It would have cut the heart out of a lesser team, and it bruised ours. But it was still functional.”     
FAU tied the score with six seconds to go. FunkMaster Schnell put it in perspective: “We certainly had the mojo at that time.” FAU won in overtime.