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Aug 29, 2006 at 9:05 pm

Are your ready for some ... Cats, Cards, Crimson and Canada?
Forget the overbearing humiture outside, thaw out the kielbasa mamaw, it’s that pigskin and pageantry time o’ year. With some added hoops for a little extra zip on the palate.
The season is gonna dawn mighty clear around Seedy K’s new hacienda. I’m talkin’ HDTV with my men Aaron and Scott at Insight on speed dial should there be a snafu.
On O, Louisville’s biggest question is the receivers. If they come up big, the Cards score 50 a game even if Bill Ashburn is under center. D is the key. If they nab 20 or more INTs and the same number of fumbles, palm trees in January are in the Cards’ future. If not, 10-3 and mucho disappointment.
The Cats will be better but not good enough. Wins over Texas State, Central Michigan, Louisiana Monroe and Vandy ain’t gonna save Richie Boy’s job. Hello 4-8, bye-bye Brooksie. Don’t know who the next UK coach will be, but if Mike Leach is your guy, fuggedaboutit.
We mention the Hoosiers because: 1) My boss herer lives on the sunnyside, and 2) There’s little more to say about Kelvin Sampson’s transgressions. The Crimson and Cream win, ho-hum, five.
Meanwhile, The Rick hauls his green and already battered squad north of the border this weekend for three walkover exhis. Get out your transistors, the games are on AM radio just like the old days.

The Game.
Louisville 49 Kentucky 21.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.

The normally loquacious Howard Schnellenberger has been unusually quiet during the days leading to his Fighting Owls road opener at Clemson. Perhaps a daunting schedule that starts with five straight road games has tempered Schnell’s tongue. Or it’s laryngitis.
Anyhow, The Pipe made a QB decision, choosing an untested newcomer. Sounding a bit leery, here’s what he had to say about his choice of signal caller: “It was very close ... as close as it could get. Knowing he’s a redshirt freshman and hasn’t had any game experience certainly didn’t play in his favor.”
Putting on a happy face, the FAU linguist found some optimism: “We can get down the line farther, faster with Rusty.”

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