Rumor & Innuendo

Mar 1, 2007 at 5:23 pm
Call him Tubby $$$$mith.
I’m advised UK’s beleaguered mentor was approached by a friend, an assistant coach of a recent opponent. The fellow asked Tubby if he might actually consider leaving after the season in light of the fusillade of criticism from disgruntled Wildcat Nation citizens. Purportedly he responded, “If they come up with $9 million, they can get rid of me.” Ah yes, that darn buyout!

Rupp’s Not-So-Rowdies.
An objective observer from Lexington described recent quiet UK crowds as similar to that at a T-ball game. “As they would an eight year-old catching a fly ball, they applaud enthusiastically when the Cats get it over mid-court.”

Ali shuffle.

More than a few locals with ties to the Ali Center were dumbstruck by what they thought was a hatchet job in a recent New York Times article about the Alis’ announced move to Louisville. It was written by Louisvillian Michael Lindenberger, a longtime LEO contributor. Word on the street is that the champ and his mouthpiece bride were more than a might vexed themselves before that piece, with recent C-J publicity about the suburban home in which they intended to live. Our on(c)e great daily ran photos and gave the address, and quoted neighbors’ less-than-enlightened remarks. A source advises that the Alis’ reaction is they will never move into that home now, and are reconsidering whether to move back to Louisville at all.

Caracter, one-and-done?
Given how the late-starting but fast-improving freshman is playing as of late, a lot of red & black faithful are worried. If DC keeps getting better, they wonder, will the kid jump to the NBA? Which conjecture allows Seedy K to ...

... recant his recantation.
Before the season, after seeing U of L in its initial scrimmage, I said something to this effect: If everybody on the squad stays in school for another season after this one, and improves at a normal pace, the Cards will be a legit national contender in the 2007-08 season. Then, before the team’s recent stunning resurgence, when they were mired in unfocused mediocrity, I, of course, ate those words. Now, like some week-old Impellizzeri’s pizza waiting tantalizingly in the  freezer, I’m reheating that delicious opinion.

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