Republican Investment Firm To Acquire LEO Weekly, Promises Free Exchange Of Ideas

Group also promises a boost to staff medical care with in-house physician

Apr 1, 2024 at 4:45 pm
Founders United Creative Kappa Unlimited CEO Craig Headus
Founders United Creative Kappa Unlimited CEO Craig Headus all photos starryai

Happy April Fools!

LEO Weekly, Louisville’s Alt Weekly, will once again change hands. Republican Investment firm, Founders United Creative Kappa Unlimited have made an offer to LEO’s current ownership, Big Lou Holdings. The firm made the offer to give LEO a chance to offer a more centrist and fair view of the news and entertainment.

“We noticed that LEO could be more, cover more, and in a way that brings more people to the table,” said Founders CEO, Craig Headus. “We noticed that essential cultural assets like Kirk Cameron’s last film, Lifemark, weren't being covered and we wanted to offer more.”

Headus says that in addition to creating a more balanced and fair paper, they want to be sure that staff is rewarded for hard work and the firm intends to hire a physician to work full time with the LEO Weekly both to offer editorial advice and to treat minor illnesses of staff to help prevent time loss.

“We believe, if we have a doctor in-house, that we can eliminate the need for staff to visit physicians and lose time from the work they enjoy,” said Headus. “We want to give our staff the ability to be as productive as possible without any risk of time loss.

In addition, we’ll be allowing staff to trade their paid leave time for merch in our new company Teepublic shop so that they can proudly wear the new LEO logo that will come with images of freedom like the eagle, our flag and the blue line police badge.”

All staff will remain, with editor-in-chief Erica Rucker getting more assistance from some of the focus groups and think tanks led by local and retired legislators who helped make America and Kentucky more free.

Headus believes that this will be a win for Louisville where local culture can truly bloom. From church picnics to military parades, LEO will be able to sponsor and host new events that will set a standard for outlets in the country.

“When you see the new, new LEO Weekly, we believe you will be pleased with the new Red, White and Blue design choices and the logo which will include more freedom and much more of the flag.”

Founders United Creative Kappa Unlimited wants you to know that quality is part of their name and that you should be ready for some really amazing stuff from LEO “Freedom Rings” Weekly: Less DEI and More Heritage.

The official sale and change of ownership will take place April 1, 271... never.