Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Oct 9, 2013 at 5:00 am
Readers' Choice Awards 2013

For many years, LEO’s Readers’ Choice Awards have gone to a mixture of the actual best, the most heavily campaigned for by folks with extra free time, and write-in votes for rappers and attorneys no one seems to have ever encountered in Louisville or anywhere else.

It’s the perfect complement to what LEO does 52 times a year: a mixture of serious reporting of the facts and spotlights on great local artists of all stripes with a bunch of goofy nonsense sprinkled on top. We’ve retired outdated categories and added new ones, and enjoyed each vote cast for “your mom,” in various and otherwise unrelated categories. (Also, Redbox.)

These are your votes, neighbors — we take no responsibility for any of the winners, from the ones we strongly agree with to Golden Corral. You took the time, and you told us what you think. So, sorry, My Morning Jacket, but it seems Louisville has a new favorite band now. Read it and weep.

Oh, and we can’t let you control everything, so some LEO writers have contributed their favorite random things about today’s Louisville, such as “Best Place to Watch a Hipster Try to Look Dispassionate While Eating Pork Ribs Braised in Sauerkraut.”

And the award goes to …

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