Poetry Winners

Feb 7, 2006 at 9:22 pm
Poetry – 1st Place
by Olivia Cole


the summer the chickens drowned

you called me across the withered yard

to pray, you said; to worship

and confess. but i had seen

your starved fingers, the way

your knees were so quick to bend.


the butterflies would not land

near you, the little blonde girl told me.

and i did not forget: amber wings breaking

the sun and the shadows sharp

triangles on your lips.


they would not land and i

could not cross because of it.

Poetry – 2nd Place
by Rebecca R. Block


We’re living our never have the time lives

dreaming Europe, ancient

city streets and aqueducts built

before Christ.



I’ve been there once, spent a week

riding buses with my father; past fields

of cork trees half stripped smooth

the remaining bark looking fat, foreign

against the new skin;

past fields of lavender that lasted so long

I forgot the color green.



You’ve been there twice, with your girlfriend.

You didn’t sit on tour buses listening to your father

snoring for hours. You saw

England, Belgium, Germany, France

but never Portugal.


I’m dreaming of bringing you there

re-coloring your thoughts with cork trees

and lavender fields

so that every time someone opens wine

or wears purple

you see me.



Poetry – 3rd Place
by Caroline Ennis


the smell of blood is in the hall

 the stairs curl upwards like a housecat’s tail


she sinks between the floorboards and gives in, a little

stacks of books are dusty manacles


they wind around her like hedge gardens,

crumbling pages yellowed and whispering.


he is well-versed and quotes as he works.

the smell of blood is in the house


spicy and crisp like autumn potpourri.

leaves chatter where windows are left open, while


more mound on the walk, waiting.

he took her shoes and wears them, sometimes.


in them, his footsteps are teeth on the softening wood floor,

soles stretching mouths in the dust.

her heels will break, eventually.