On the ballot

Oct 21, 2008 at 11:09 pm


Vice President 
Chuck Baldwin/Robert E. Thornsberry (Constitution) Barack Obama/
Joe Biden (D) Ralph Nader/
Matt Gonzalez (I)  Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root (Libertarian)  John McCain/Sarah Palin (R)  Leonard C. Habermahl/
Steven K. Miller (Write-In)  Keith Russell Judd/Morty Wayne Judd (Write-In)  Shelley Renee Upchurch/Billy Joe Upchurch (Write-In) 
U.S. Senate Mitch McConnell (R)* Bruce Lunsford (D)
U.S. Representative, 3rd District  John Yarmuth (D)* Anne Northup (R)  Edward Martin (Libertarian) — disqualified

State Senate 
District 19 Tim Shaughnessy (D)* Bob Heleringer (R) 
District 33 Gerald A. Neal (D)*
District 35 Denise Harper Angel (D)* John Albers (R) Scott Ritcher (I) —disqualified
District 37 Perry B. Clark (D)* Doug Hawkins (R)  House of Representatives 
District 28 Charles W. Miller (D)*
District 29 James A. Sexton (D)  Kevin D. Bratcher (R)*
District 30 Tom Burch (D)*
District 31 Steve Riggs (D)*
District 32 Scott W. Brinkman (R)* 
District 33 Greg Galbraith (D) Ron Crimm (R)*
District 34 Mary Lou Marzian (D)* Michael L. Pitzer (R) 
District 35 Jim Wayne (D)*
District 36 J.R. “Dick” Brunson (I)  Lonnie Napier (R)*
District 37 Ron Weston (D)*
District 38 Tim Firkins (D)*
District 40 Dennis Horlander (D)*
District 41 Tom Riner (D)*
District 42 Reginald K. Meeks (D)*
District 43 Darryl T. Owens (D)*
District 44 Joni Jenkins (D)*
District 46 Larry Clark (D)*
District 48 David M. Watson (D) Bob M. DeWeese (R)* Jason McNabb (Write-In) ELECTIONS TO

Kentucky justices and judges are elected on a nonpartisan basis, as required by state law. The law also prohibits judges and candidates for judicial office from participating in a wide range of partisan political functions. The four levels of courts in Kentucky include the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals as the state’s appellate courts. Trial courts include Circuit Court and District Court. 
Supreme Court Justice  Lisabeth Hughes Abramson, 4th District  James M. “Jim” Shake,
4th District 
Circuit Court Judge  Charlie Cunningham,
30th District, 4th Division  W. Douglas Kemper,
30th District, 4th Division  Irv Maze, 30th District,
10th Division 
District Court Judge  Ann Bailey Smith,
30th District, 2nd Division  John J. Vandertoll, 30th District, 2nd Division
David P. Bowles,
30th District, 8th Division  D. Steven Parks,
30th District, 8th Division  Theodore S. “Ted” Shouse, 30th District, 8th Division  Anne Dedman Watkins, 30th District, 8th Division
David Larry Holton,
30th District, 16th Division  Katie King, 30th District,
16th Division 

District 2 Barbara E. Shanklin (D)*
District 4 David Tandy (D)* Henry Owens III (R)
District 6 George Unseld (D)* James Bamforth (I)
District 8  Tom Owen (D)*
District 10 Jim King (D)* Bryan Shepherd (R)
District 12 Rick Blackwell (D)* Dwight Witten (R)
District 14 Robert “Bob” Henderson (D)* Bob Heuglin (R) Jennifer Denise Wood (I) Norman Pepper (I)
District 16 Kelly Downard (R)* Arthur L. Hoffman (D)
District 18 Jon Ackerson (R)
District 20 Stuart Benson (R)*
District 22 Robin Engel (R)*
District 24 Madonna Flood (D)* R. Scott Weddle (R)
District 26 Graham Honaker (R) Brent T. Ackerson (D) Griffin P. Torrance (I)

For a complete listing of all candidates who will appear on a Jefferson County ballot, including school board and small-city councils, visit www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org/voter-info