Modern Design: Four ways to improve your home

Jul 12, 2017 at 3:47 pm

Lay It Down

"In the world of tile, there’s huge variation in pricing. If you’re remodeling a bathroom and want to keep things on the less-expensive side, consider using solid, inexpensive plain tile for the majority of the space, then splurge on a 1-by-6-inch decorative accent piece in a bright color or a pattern to add visual interest in the room. The decorative tile can be used simply as two horizontal stripes around the room – one around the top of the room, as a visual “crown moulding,” and a second horizontal stripe around the middle of the room, placed so that it runs directly on top of the countertop on the sink-side of the room. Another budget-friendly thing to do is buy inexpensive plain tile in three or four colors and have the tile laid in horizontal or vertical stripes, three-to-four-tiles wide. Also, consider running subway tile or any rectangular tile vertically instead of horizontally; that will instantly increase the visual height of the room. Don’t be afraid to use patterned tile on an entire wall. The charcoal/cream patterned tile takes on an eclectic feeling when it’s up, but the scale of all the patterns is similar and the palette of only two colors keeps it from being overwhelming. Overall pattern on a wall actually takes on a solid feel when the scale is small. Finally, keep in mind that tile doesn’t have to be limited to kitchen and bathrooms; the Ann Sacks grid-patterned textured tile would be amazing on a fireplace wall from hearth to ceiling for a modern accent, and the Sonoma turquoise colored crackled diamond tile would dramatically welcome guests on an entryway accent wall; or it could be used on a bed wall in a master bedroom, which would give a bit of a mid-century modern look."  — Chris Welsh, owner of Christopher Welsh Designs Louisville Tile 502.371.4987 The Tile Shop 502.895.5205
Light Switches - Frankie Steele/Red Pin Media
Frankie Steele/Red Pin Media
Light Switches

Turn It On

"Though light switches are often more regarded with function as opposed to form, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get creative with switch plates that make a statement. To start, make a list. Miscounting the number of switch plates in a room is a very common mistake. Don’t forget switch plates behind your sofa and console tables. Counting before you go to a store to make your selection will save you some time and frustration. Next, consider  the different configurations. Switch plate options include toggle, rocker and outlet and can be single, double, triple and quad. It’s hard to remember what you have, so take pictures of existing openings or sketch the switch plates on paper. When selecting, be sure to keep in mind the finish and style – study your room and consider what will work best with your décor. Switch plates can come in oxidized, cream and silver finishes. If possible, bring in a paint swatch to help make your decision easier.  Style-wise, it can be fun to mix designs in a room for an eclectic feel. Breaking the rules is all part of the fun. Finally, size matters. Be sure to take the scale of the room into account, as larger-sized switch plates in a small room may overpower other design elements. However, if you have a contractor who got a little carried away with cutting holes for electric boxes that standard-sized switch plates don’t cover, an oversized switch plate can do the trick and hide those mistakes. Also, be aware of the location of the switch plate on the wall. If your switch is near a door frame, pick a switch plate cover that doesn’t end up against the door frame in the room." — Jack Mathis, co-owner of Work the Metal Work the Metal 502.584.2841   
Chest - Frankie Steele/Red Pin Media
Frankie Steele/Red Pin Media

Make It Bold

"Nothing accents a room quite as boldly as a strong side table. Often sources of pops of color and variations of texture, side tables are easy-to-use pieces that immediately enhance and embolden a room’s character. For example, this two-door side table, which features a design that was inspired by an ancient palace door built in 17th-century Jaipur, India, is a perfect transitional piece that would complement the décor of any room in your home with its solid wood and handcrafted detail. Distressed pieces are, of course, very on-trend right now, so consider investing in a piece like this that delivers not only an unparalleled aesthetic but also stunning quality."— Rahul Anand, owner of Mondego Decor Mondego Decor 502.434.7464
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Keep It Fresh

"Browsing through paint swatches can undoubtedly be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what to look for. Starting with the very front of your home, think about your front door as a bold accent to your exterior. Dark blues are great for helping your door pop and make a strong statement. Consider Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy or Philipsburg Blue. Inside, a current trend a lot of individuals are doing is freshening up their bathrooms and kitchen cabinets by painting them white. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is an excellent choice for this, and it’s also a wonderful color to think about when painting trim. If you like a more neutral look overall in your home, consider Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. It’s a very popular paint that is indeed neutral, but depending on the light and surrounding décor, it can take on a beige tone – so it’s perfect for those who may be a bit hesitant about grays. If you’re confident that gray is the right choice for you – and you should be, as grays are not only timelessly on-trend but also give a home character and nuance while still appearing elegant and tasteful – then Benjamin Moore’s Metro Gray would get the job done exceedingly well. If beige is more your style, you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore’s Sierra Hills. Beachy colors in general, however, are more popular than ever. Not only are they calmingly neutral, but with their light and airy character, they can brighten up any room. Sherwin-Williams’ Queen Anne’s Lace has a bit of a green undertone, while Porter Paints’ Southern Breeze has a blue undertone; either would pair with and be complemented superbly by Porter Paints’ Toasted Almond. But whichever choice you make, there’s definitely nothing wrong with making your Derby City home feel a little bit more like a beach house in the Hamptons."— Liz Sapata, co-owner/CEO of CertaPro Painters of Louisville Metro 502.290.6636