Louisvillian Dick Sisto to rewrite ‘Law & Order’ intro

Mar 31, 2010 at 5:00 am
‘Let me adjust my specs here for a second.’
‘Let me adjust my specs here for a second.’

Dun-dun: Two of the most recognizable bass notes in modern television will get a makeover next season when Louisville jazz legend Dick Sisto takes over for Mike Post to rewrite the theme song for “Law & Order.”

“Dad can do it,” said Dick’s son, Jeremy Sisto, who stars as one of the two lead detectives in the latest lineup on NBC’s long-running legal drama. “Plus, Post is looking a little peaked these days. I think the techno remix on ‘SVU’ zapped his creativity.”

Dick Sisto, a regular at The Seelbach on Friday and Saturday nights, offered this assessment: “Four sticks in two hands beats an entire orchestra any day. I don’t even think Post used an orchestra, maybe a Casio.” Sisto promised fans a sneak peak this July, and the series debuts again this coming October.

Meanwhile, the hugely successful drama franchise is looking to expand. “At least our show doesn’t rely on obfuscating acronyms like CSI and NCIS, lol,” said a source inside Rockefeller Center who is familiar with the show. “Did we mention we’ve employed most of Manhattan as extras?”

Expect a cameo from Paul Sorvino’s daughter, Mira, next fall as well.