Louisville, On Valentine's Day, Spend More Time With Loved Ones And Less Money

Feb 7, 2023 at 10:25 am
Spend time instead of money this Valentine's Day.
Spend time instead of money this Valentine's Day. Photo from Adobe

Valentine’s Day is exactly a week away and it’s looking like you might be getting homemade cards and dinner this year because apparently — according to WalletHub’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey — one in four Americans don’t expect their significant other to spend money on gifts this year. So, ye of little expectations, take heed. Your wish may just come true.

So, before you head out to spend money at all of Louisville's most expensive restaurants and jewelry stores. Think modestly. Your significant other likely wants a bit less from your wallet and more from your heart.

Some quick data takeaways: 
23% expect their significant other to spend less on Valentine’s Day. 

36% of people say going out to dinner is too expensive on Valentine’s Day.

1 in 5 believe a Valentine’s Day gift is worth accruing debt

55% of Americans believe financial infidelity is worse than emotional or physical infidelity. 

Because WalletHub works with the credit cards industry, this survey is based on spending habits and attitudes about spending. With that said, if you have bad credit, singlehood might be permanent and if you are just terrible with money while in a relationship, you will likely end up single again.

More than ever, it sounds like Netflix and Chill is the way to go.

Here is a video with the results of their survey. To be fair, the survey sample size was roughly 300 participants, so if you are disappointed in these results, it’s fair to think with a larger sample size, some things could change.