Let it be … summer

May 23, 2007 at 11:32 pm

LEO’s 2007 Summer Fun Guide is about combining bold exploration and play — be it camping outdoors, letting loose on a theater stage, kicking back at Slugger Field for the trimmings, rolling on the river or taking side trips off Kentucky’s byways.

But to gain the freedom to truly explore and play, one must first break away from the day-to-day grind. Let LEO show you the ways.

So, while camping may not be everyone’s cup of hot chocolate — including contributing writer CINDY LAMB — several area folks share their experiences of detaching from our artificial world, whether through bona fide camping or nurturing small and quiet moments in the outdoors. BILL DOOLITTLE loves the things that go on at Slugger Field, and never more so than when Jake the Diamond Dog steals the limelight from the ball players.

SHERRY DEATRICK emphasizes how theater, specifically the summer camps run by Blue Apple Players and other area organizations, can play a helpful role in the development of young people, as well as in the overall health of our community. ROBIN GARR invites us to take advantage of farmers’ markets, where the food is fresher, more interesting and environmentally friendly.

MAT HERRON lets us in on how to roll on the river this summer. And don’t overlook the small but fun Kentucky travel destinations that JEFFREY SCOTT HOLLAND hips us to.
Have a great summer.

—Elizabeth Kramer,
Arts & Special Projects Editor