LEO’s Best of 2020: Nine articles worth revisiting

Dec 23, 2020 at 11:44 am
LEO’s Best of 2020

Certainly, these pages were home to more than just nine “best” stories and columns in 2020. But space... so, we weighted stories and columns for variety, importance and timeliness, and we settled on these nine. 

You might look back through your stress-clouded memory to see that the year started off with great normalcy and ennui if not promise and joy — for one, Gov.-reject Matt Bevin had been vanquished! 

But by March, it all went to shite, as the secret news of the coronavirus began to leak from President tRump’s bunker. Fortunately, Gov. Andy fulfilled his promise to not be a Bevin-sized dick and actually led Kentucky, earning national plaudits and local, Republican scorn.

And, then, we learned of the heartbreaking death of Breonna Taylor. Her death, initially lost in the miasma of COVID-19, contributed to the critical mass of Black deaths by cops that then converged into a national if not international movement that remains today. 

So, those two topics dominated LEO’s pages and energy. And they should have. Let’s hope that 2021 becomes virus free but that we continue to say Breonna Taylor’s name as the city and state move toward racial justice and equality.

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