LEO Weekly and Modern Louisville

Jan 4, 2017 at 10:16 am

In July 2016, Modern Louisville magazine and LEO Weekly became sibling publications, both owned and published by Red Pin Media. Even before they shared a parent company, the two publications — both revolutionary and iconoclastic — had much in common. Covering the LGBTQ community has always been essential to LEO’s editorial mission, as is speaking truth to power, whether that be Donald Trump, Gov. Matt Bevin or the Kentucky Farm Bureau. LEO is nothing if not an ally.

As Louisville’s premier LGBTQ publication, Modern highlights the stories and voices of the city’s LGBTQ community. The magazine’s bimonthly, glossy format allows us to deliver highly-polished, in-depth articles and the highest quality photography, art and photo essays.

However, the country’s 11th largest LGBTQ population deserves more coverage than we can provide in a bimonthly publication. Uniting the editorial content of Modern and LEO will allow us to improve quality and increase the frequency of our coverage of the LGBTQ community while also extending our audience reach.

You can still find Modern in this format at more than 100 distribution points citywide (and we’re adding more with each issue), and you can still read online at modernlouisville.com. But look also for frequent coverage and updates both in a new “Modern” section of LEO Weekly in print and at LEOWeekly.com.

We’re proud of this new, queer alliance and honored to bring Modern readers more news, profiles, art and photography from our city’s strong, vivacious, diverse and singular LGBTQ community. Thank you for supporting and being part of Modern and LEO Weekly.