LEO-verse: A Poem for Trump's Inauguration

Jan 25, 2017 at 12:03 pm
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Poetic, Republicans are not. President Trump proved that by choosing to not have an inaugural poem read. But five Democrats did so, including Barack Obama (Maya Angelou) and John F. Kennedy (Robert Frost). So here is our own poem, the one missing from Trump’s corona... er, inauguration.

A Great America

America, many times I’ve flown above your beauty from 30,000 feet, there are no pen-lines to see you are no map, because of all your creatures, people alone divide, and in their divisions, weaken what it is they claim to love.

Surely you remember the many times politicians tried to garner popularity by standing on the backs of innocents turning us against them for the purpose America, how is it you’ve forgotten?

America, you’re right, it’s time for greatness as these flawed days of empire fade away but no greatness of some shoddy ‘golden age’ in this new greatness all must share the bounty- otherwise, what a shabby victory.