LEO moves online only... for now

Mar 25, 2020 at 10:59 am
LEO moves online

We know you are getting pretty chapped by all of this obsessive handwashing, so LEO has some good news and some goodish news for you.

You won’t have to worry about washing ink off of your hands when you read the next LEO because this is the last printed edition until at least April 15.

For the next couple of weeks, LEO will be online only.

The decision for LEO to go online temporarily was not an easy one, of course. This is the first time LEO will not produce its scheduled physical issue since it was founded in 1990 by our dear leader, now a congressman, John Yarmuth. (Please read his trenchant words in this issue and look for more in the future.)

We are not the first or only alt-weekly that the virus has driven online. A few are even taking indefinite Coronacations, suspending publication entirely.

It comes down to economics and health.

Alt-weeklies provide, um, different views on their communities. We find different news stories or different ways to tell them.

We work hard to not be the local newspaper or TV station.

Another bedrock feature is our heavy focus on celebrating, reviewing and previewing events, happenings and all manner of things to do.

Now, there are no events, happenings and any manner of things to do, unless you do them by yourself. In your house. With your cat. Together but alone with family, perhaps. Consequently, there also are few or none of those places to advertise their events, happenings and other manner of things to do.

Most importantly, we at LEO do not want to encourage you to gather for any events until it is safe to do so. (But, wow — let’s pause for a moment to imagine the orgies of gluttony and hedonism that will happen when everything comes back!)

And, what’s more: How can you find your LEO at that bar or coffeehouse or while you dine alone if none are open? So, until LEO returns to print — please enjoy this collector’s issue and then follow us at leoweekly.com starting today. And sign up for our newsletter there to stay current.

You will find all of the alternative reporting on Kentucky and Louisville news you’ve come to (fill in the blank) from LEO, complete with our analysis, political punditry and a microscope on music, arts, theater, comedy and all other entertainment.

It just won’t be in print.

But wait! There is more!

We also will publish online a PDF flipbook that looks like the paper, with all of the ads, etc. The only difference is that it won’t rub off on your fingers. You will still get your New York Times crossword puzzle (a full page’s worth!), Savage Love and cartoons from Jen Sorensen and Undercover Commentary.

We are resolute in our commitment to continue to provide you with an alternative to The Courier Journal and other news outlets in town (and free, at that). So, how might LEO change as online only? This move allows us to toss aside the weekly format and bolster what is already a robust online presence at leoweekly.com

Expect us to be faster (by days even!). Expect the same quality long-form stories but also more shorter stories, listicles and op-eds and photo packages that chronicle Life During Corona. We will continue to measure and report the impact of this… this thing on Louisville’s outsized music and theater scene. And will provide you ways to help support them until the siege is over. Same thing with our food culture — see LEO photographer Kathryn Harrington’s photo package of how restaurants are taking their businesses to the curb.

One last thing...We feel bad (not) for you LEO haters because you will have to find something else to line the imaginary cat litter pans and start the fanciful fires you boast about (as if we cared).

We suggest instead using all the toilet paper you have undoubtedly hoarded.