LEO Concert Takes Place Saturday

Internationally recognized group VHS or Beta headlines benefit for St. Joseph Children’s Home; Newsweekly looks toward future annual concerts coinciding with holiday

Nov 26, 2008 at 9:57 pm

This Saturday’s concert at Headliners Music Hall is a first for LEO Weekly, and it is one packed with musicians that have a rich history with Louisville.

Having toured the world for more than a decade, VHS Or Beta have served as ambassadors of Louisville’s rich, and eclectic music scene appeared in the pages of Blender and Rolling Stone, as well as National Public Radio’s “Tell Me More,” and a live performance of “Can’t Believe a Single Word” on NBC’s “Late Night w/ Conan O’Brien.”

Since releasing their debut album, Give It Your Blood, the sassy, irreverent, barroom rock of The Broken Spurs (myspace.com/thebrokenspurs) has earned prominent coverage in Spin magazine, one of the largest circulating music magazines in the United States. Frontier(s) (myspace.com/frontiersband), led by former Elliott frontman/guitarist Chris Higdon, make their Headliners debut, but the band is hardly green, its members having toured the United States, Europe and Japan for years in previous projects.
But the concert is special for another reason: $1 from each ticket will go to Starduck Charities, a nonprofit group benefiting St. Joseph Children’s Home. LEO Weekly decided to partner with Starduck on this event because, like the newspaper, Starduck is invested in Louisville’s future.

“We of Starduck Charities are incredibly grateful for the partnership we have been offered by LEO,” The Starduck board said in a statement.
“The money we receive from the event will be given, in full, to help supply the 40 residents of St. Joe’s with necessities (like shoes and coats) as well as the necessary fun all kids should have (like our monthly birthday parties). While we will receive money from the ticket sales, we also believe that the visibility and publicity from this event will help our growing organization and position us for doing greater good in our community in the future. We are excited to be involved.”

This is just the beginning for LEO Weekly. The newspaper anticipates putting on more annual concerts of this type.

Headliners Music Hall is located at 1386 Lexington Road. Directions can be found at headlinerslouisville.com. The 18 and over show is $14, and doors open at 8 p.m.

For more information, please visit LEO’s website www.leoweekly.com.