Internal memo shows Rand Paul planning 2018 run for Louisville mayor

Apr 15, 2015 at 2:50 pm
Internal memo shows Rand Paul planning 2018 run for Louisville mayor

A leaked internal memo from the office of Rand Paul shows that Senator Paul has his sights set on becoming the next Mayor of Louisville in 2018. While the Senator’s office has not responded to calls, the memo, which appears to be written by Paul to his top aides, explains that a presidential bid this year is what he needs to improve his name recognition, as well as the visibility to outline his platform and establish his brand.

The issues he intends to focus on include legalization of hemp and marijuana, loosening regulations on college pranks and fraternities and encouraging the free practice of religion — including establishing the First Church of Buddhas: Aqua, Circa, Marina, Heyyya and Tostada.

One of the aides, in correspondence regarding the memo, indicates that Paul has been plotting this move for over a decade, first establishing a self-certified ophthalmology clinic in the state, becoming a resident of Kentucky and, thus, eligible to run for U.S. Senate, and ultimately running for president, which would be the perfect springboard to launch his mayoral campaign in 2017.

The plan was so meticulously calculated that the decades-old memo includes plans to launch his presidential bid from the Galt House in Louisville, giving Louisvillians that heightened sense of importance on the national stage. •