Inbox - November 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Nov 5, 2014 at 2:40 pm

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Where’s the ‘good news’ on local Christian radio?

I don’t know what exactly I expected when I turned on a local Christian music radio station this morning, but what I received made my morning commute an angry one.

Having just moved back to the Louisville area after four years, I felt the need to revisit a Christian radio station that I frequented when I lived here. I often turn to Christian music to feel at peace, to feel closer to God. When I turned on that station this morning, however, I felt discontent, and closer not to Jesus, but to Election Day.

The well-known Louisville Christian radio station I had turned to has apparently sold the majority of their ad time to conservative political ads; and if you think normal political ads are hard to stomach, the ones pandering to the religious listeners were downright disgusting. In between the music that brings me peace, I was bombarded with “Abortion!” “Fighting to keep your religious rights in Washington!” and statements belittling the people of the LGBT community. The politicians were working very hard at proving that they were men and women of “good Christian values.”

Instead of receiving the holy message of “love one another,” I listened to ad after ad of GOP politicians touting messages that clearly hinted that in order to be a good Christian, one must be right-wing.

As a liberal-leaning Christian, I felt bombarded by the “holier-than-thou” conservative rhetoric that played between the songs that are meant to send messages of peace, love and community. Perhaps the GOP ads could be toned down for those of us who would simply like to hear an uplifting message on our commute to work. 

T.A.Carden, 40228