Inbox — Nov. 14, 2012

Letters to the editor

Nov 14, 2012 at 6:00 am

Lessons to Learn

I read LEO occasionally. I found the article with Jose Vargas (Oct. 3) interesting, and this one reply made me think of what could be so beneficial to all of us: “And I don’t know if you noticed this — it’s not like I issued a statement saying ‘this is what you should call us.’ I didn’t say if you should call us ‘unauthorized’ or ‘undocumented.’ I just said you should stop calling us this, and let’s talk about why you call me that and what that says not just about me, but about you, and what it says about your understanding about this issue. That’s the conversation I want to have. I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to debate. I want a conversation.”

It seems like no one knows how to converse anymore. State an opinion; present data as presented data, not facts; listen to what others have to say. Encourage others and ourselves to be clear and honest about opinions, why we think what we think. How beneficial this kind of thought and dialogue could be to our country, state and city.

Tom Coursen, Phoenix Hill

Thanks, Mitch

Today, the morning after the election, I bought a really nice thank-you card with a bright blue envelope, and my wife and I wrote a heartfelt note of thanks inside to the honorable Sen. Mitch McConnell. We noted his obstructionist strategy helped make Obama look very good compared to Mitch’s little gang of GOP whiny babies, collecting their paychecks and staging tantrums because they don’t want to play with a mean, old Democrat president. We thanked him for his (unintended) service to the country. I hope all LEO readers will show their appreciation with a flood of colorful cards so poor Mitch will know his constituents back in Jefferson County are thinking of him and his valuable contribution to Obama’s victory.

Lonnie Turner, Highlands

Joe Scared

Attn: Joe Manning,

C’mon man. Reading your last column (LEO Weekly, Oct. 31), it sounds like Halloween really did spook you. Are you being sincere that the last three elections had you voting third party, but all of a sudden some wacky Mormon is gonna skeer you so bad you’re sacrificing your principles? Psshhh, this is hard to believe.

You and everyone else will read this after the searing emotional rollercoaster of Tuesday is over. I’m disappointed that this current political climate is all it takes for you to perpetuate the two-party system. You should vote with your conscience, not with fear. Peace, my friend.

Star Huddleston, Highlands

Object TO LG&E

LG&E and KU have filed a petition to increase residential electric and gas service rates … again. What makes these increases so objectionable is that LG&E and KU want to put the bulk of the increase on the monthly base service charge and not on the unit of energy price (kWh).

The proposed monthly electric service charge will increase by 53 percent, following a previous rise of 70 percent in 2010. The proposed kWh rate increase is 3.5 percent. Such a price hike in the monthly service charge adversely affects everyone under the monopoly of LG&E and KU, especially those who have invested in efficient energy systems, those who utilize renewable and sustainable sources of energy, and those who use energy sparingly (the poor, elderly and the efficiency minded). These rate increases would also seek to discourage further investments in alternative energy sources.

For a company who boasts on their website that “environmental excellence is part of our legacy,” I would expect them to promote sustainable and renewable energy source use, instead of their current plan to reward those who are wasteful users of energy. Their actions don’t match their words.

To oppose these rate increases and stand up for the protection and promotion of our environment, please voice your concerns in reference to case #2012-00222 via email at [email protected], or write to: Commissioners, Kentucky Public Service Commission, 211 Sower Blvd., Frankfort, Ky. 40601, or fax to 502-564-3460. Opinions must be expressed prior to Nov. 27. More information can be found at (Kentucky Solar Energy Society). Make your voices heard!

Kelly Rechtin, Highlands