Inbox (May 27, 2015)

May 27, 2015 at 2:03 pm
Inbox (May 27, 2015)

Louisville’s Food Deserts

I am always impressed by the number of hikes and walks and runs in this city. Our residents’ health is important. But for the love of God have any of you ever been to a grocery store in a poor section of this town? I have been, recently, and the lack of healthy foods choices was appalling. How do we expect people to make healthy food choices when all they have to pick from are high fat and high sodium products? Having races and biking events is all well and good, but most of these participants are already taking care of themselves. I invite LEO readers to join me in a tour of these grocery stores, then tell me what you think.

Barbra Justice, Old Louisville

The KHA, The ACA and The C-J

I am a struggling musician born and raised in Louisville. In my mid-twenties I discovered that I have a crippling disease. This monster requires seven to nine medications to be taken daily. When I found out that not only the price of the medication would be between $7,000 to $9,000 (U.S. dollars!), and not a one time fee, I thought, man, I can never pay that. Pharmaceutical companies offer “discounts” that are laughable. It was not until the Affordable Care Act that I could even take the prescribed dosages of what is required by several medical professionals. And I can’t tell you how dark the times were when the disease would spiral, and the holes would be filled with obtuse, unhealthy distractions. Thank you for writing the Editor’s Note and having no fear of the bullshit Courier-Journal article (“Ky. hospitals: Obamacare forcing cuts, layoffs”; published in the C-J May 11, 2015). It’s the best one you’ve put to paper so to say.

C. Wayne

Kentucky Hospital Association is not an unbiased source

Thanks for your article in the May 20 LEO. I read the story (“Ky. hospitals: Obamacare forcing cuts, layoffs”) in the C-J, and certainly smelled a rat. I noticed that it merely cited the Kentucky Hospital Association, and did not offer any critical analysis whatsoever. Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge or expertise to counter the content of that piece or the so-called report it described. I appreciate that you treated the self-serving document as a work of fiction and propaganda, and found other sources to contradict its distortions. This is exactly what The Courier-Journal should have done, but just like the KHA, Gannett is too concerned with the its bottom line to do the work that it takes to practice actual journalism.

Richard Thurman, 40206

In support of Corey Waller

If we’re going to continue the stupid practice of arresting citizens for possession of a plant, then why not be smarter in the aftermath. Instead of spending thousands a year on a jail cell, why not just give the guy a bus ticket to Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska or D.C., where the government recognizes constitutional rights? My guess is those states would love to have a Harvard Entrepreneur living there.

There’s also no good reason to destroy the cannabis. Why not give it to the Illinois or Michigan medical program or sell it back to a legal state?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to help some cancer patients or wounded veterans? Couldn’t we sell it back to a state that respects the rights of their citizens and use the money to help with our pension debt?

Colorado created 10,000 jobs and they’re awash in extra tax revenue. We’re going to spend $100,000 to lock up a Harvard graduate for five years … brilliant!

Tom Rector, Jr., Prospect