Inbox — May 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor

May 16, 2012 at 5:00 am

In last week’s cover story on “Dark Shadows,” Kentucky native Roger Davis came to Louisville in 1979 to help renovate the Seelbach Hotel, not the Galt House. LEO regrets the error.

Diss Appointed
Surprise and dismay was the reaction I felt to the article on “MCA’s legacy” (LEO Weekly, May 9). One question, LEO Weekly: Could you not find a fan of the Beastie Boys on your staff better suited for the job? Clearly by stating his race in the first line, attention was grasped for the wrong reason, but he ended with kind, thoughtful words. I don’t think the Spuds and Snooki references were necessary or relevant, although the Beasties would probably find it inspirational and humorous. I expected more from LEO. Maybe I’m missing the point.
Kim Eades, Highlands

Not the Majority
Regarding Jason Spencer’s complaint about Sara Havens’ Seelbach article (LEO Weekly, May 9): I am not sure who the “majority of us” are, but it’s not me. I happen to agree with Sara’s assessment of the strangulation caused by the Bible Belt around these parts. I am also sorry to read that in Jason’s opinion, Sara’s opinion is not a valid part of the history of Louisville. I realize it is tough when people don’t agree, but to delete the competing view, well, that speaks for itself as much as “the majority of us” does.
Ronnie Dingman, Mellwood Heights

In with the New
There is a very smart young man running for 8th District councilman in Louisville. We would be lucky to have Mason Roberts serve our district. He has great ideas about sustainability, public safety, local business support, insurance exchanges, and more. I know he will get my vote.

Although Tom Owen has adequately served a number of consecutive terms, and I admire his passion for bicycles, I do not feel he has larger ideas for improving what is admittedly a pretty great area of Louisville in which to live. It is time for the next generation to carry on with the challenging tasks of managing the city of Louisville.

Status quo is OK. Improvement is better.
Josh Behr, Original Highlands

Stand By Your Woman
Tammy Wynette asked women to “stand by your man.” I call on men to “stand by their women.” Your life began in a woman’s womb, where you spent the better part of a year. Many men have sisters and most married a woman. You and your children inherited half your DNA from a woman.

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 protecting women from wage discrimination was the first law President Obama signed. With only three House Republicans voting “yea,” it would have no chance today. They are unlikely to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, which 31 male GOP senators voted against.

I recall a day in high school when our principal sent a dozen females home for wearing slacks. I thought it strange my female classmates had to constantly guard against exposing their panties when sitting or climbing the stairs wearing skirts and dresses.

But today’s GOP/Tea Party has gone even further, insisting on medically unnecessary vaginal probes for women who elect to legally terminate pregnancies due to rape, genetically defective fetuses with pre-existing conditions, or pregnancies that might injure or kill them. They pass personhood laws banning IUDs and birth control pills.

Cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and child and infant programs disproportionately impact women. Women pay higher health insurance rates than men, an injustice the Affordable Care Act will correct.

Polls show women will be voting to protect their rights. Polls show many men have yet to see the light. Please stand by your women.
Sam Sloss, Highlands