Inbox — May 14, 2014

Letters to the Editor

May 14, 2014 at 5:00 am

Saluting Segrest
I’ve read a few stories recently about the death of Louisville preservationist Jim Segrest, but nothing about his life as well written as the article by your columnist Steve Shaw (LEO Weekly, May 7). Louisville only has a few true, real characters left, and Jim was one of them. I met him first in 2003 as he was leading the effort to stop the demolition of the Brinly Hardy warehouse on Main Street near Slugger Field. He often would show up by himself to make a stance, but never passed on a TV interview in an effort to keep his challenge high profile.

One day before Brinly Hardy was torn down, the National Trust for Historic Preservation was holding its big convention at the Galt House. I wanted to know what the CEO of the Trust thought about Brinly Hardy. When I asked him on camera, he acknowledged it, but then said, “The real tragedy in this town is what is happening to the Twin Spires with those new additions crowding them. Where were the protests in this town over that?” I took what he said back to Jim, and he simply told me he agreed and that the project caught him off guard. I appreciated his honesty. Two months before he died, I talked to him on the phone. He understood that he had successes and made a difference in Louisville.

Isn’t that what we all hope for in the end?
Doug Proffitt, WHAS TV news anchor, Louisville

Exposing the Kochs
It is time for Democrats to stand up to the Koch brothers and expose the Kochs for who they are and for how they are destroying democracy. The Kochs personify the greed that is killing America. Politics in America is corrupted by big money.

The super-rich Kochs pour billions of dollars into the campaigns of Republicans who will pass legislation that benefits the Kochs’ enterprises. It is done at the expense of the middle class and poor. The American people need to be made aware of the Koch brothers’ shenanigans and go to the polls in record numbers to show their votes have the power to defeat corrupting big money. When big money wins, the regular-people majority lose. That is bad for our country.

It would be interesting to know how much money the Kochs will contribute to Mitch McConnell’s Senate re-election campaign. Will we ever know? Do we really care?
Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews

The Bluegrass Bulge
Kentucky made the list of the top 10 most obese states in the country. Again. Gallup just released the results of its annual nationwide health survey, which show that the more obese a state is, the more likely its residents are to suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and heart attacks. According to Gallup’s findings, Kentuckians and people in other highly obese states eat the least amount of healthy fruits and vegetables.

The strong correlation between diet and disease isn’t shocking. What is surprising is that Kentuckians aren’t taking their health seriously and swapping out some of their meat- and dairy-filled meals for healthier plant-based ones.

Meat, eggs and dairy products are loaded with cholesterol and saturated fat. But a balanced plant-based diet rich in beans, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables gives our bodies everything they need, without the fat, calories and cholesterol.

I grew up on Kentucky comfort food, but after watching people I love suffer from cancer, diabetes and heart disease, I went vegan to protect my health. I hope more Kentuckians will join me and check out the delicious recipes at
Michelle Kretzer, The PETA Foundation, Virginia