Inbox — March 11, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Mar 11, 2009 at 5:00 am


The story “The predators” (LEO Weekly, Feb. 25) stated that a Louisville woman filed a complaint with the Kentucky Attorney General’s office claiming discrimination in obtaining a housing loan, but that nothing came of the complaint. In fact, the attorney general’s office forwards all discrimination cases to the Kentucky Human Rights Commission due to not having a civil rights division. If you believe you are a victim of discrimination, call the commission at 595-4024.

School Daze

Francene Cucinello is absolutely right to blame children and teachers who want to waive the 10 days of missed school for all the ills of our society (LEO Weekly, Feb. 25). While we’re at it, why don’t we just eliminate all down time for people under 18. They’re an untapped commodity. We can ship them off to school/labor camps where they can go to school 10 hours a day and work six hours a day.

Ms. Cucinello is missing the point and is unfairly blaming things we have no control over (other people’s actions) on those who just want to spend more time with their kids before they’re no longer kids. It’s not about the quantity of school, it’s about the quality. If we want to improve education in Kentucky, let’s start by working on making college a real possibility for all Kentucky students, not those in a certain tax bracket. Or ensure that our teachers have access to training, rather than schools routinely denying them vital education (such as classes on dealing with special needs or difficult children). What about making our teaching methods more effective, rather than binding teachers with rules and regulations that do nothing but prevent them from doing their jobs?

Keep up the ignorance, Ms. Cucinello. You’re so out of touch with the rest of us that perhaps it’s you who needs those 10 extra days of school.

Michele Lee, Portland

But That’s His Life

Like many readers, I imagine, I went directly to the Internet to find out more about who this Neil Hamburger is after reading about him (in real life, Gregg Turkington) in LEO (March 4 issue) and that other Louisville publication.

I grew up loving no-rules, anti-establishment humor, like that of George Carlin and Monty Python. After viewing several videos of Turkington’s performances, which included jokes about children with cancer throwing up (yes, that’s right) and insinuations that Colonel Sanders sexually abused his children, I will pass judgment on him this way, a way his fans might appreciate:

What is the difference between the Loch Ness Monster and Gregg Turkington’s talent? There is a tiny possibility that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

George Morrison, Original Highlands

Spouting Sprouting

Thanks for your recent article on sprouting (LEO Weekly, Feb. 25). As a child, I was shown how to sprout by my grandma and have been sprouting ever since. It is easy, fast, safe, fun, inexpensive and extremely nutritional! Where else can you spend $6-$10 (on a pound of seeds) and have fresh, organic food for an entire year? For those interested in sprouting, check out for a wealth of information and a ton of sprouting seeds. It is a great resource for the novice and experienced sprouter alike. Sprouting seeds and equipment can also be found at local health food and bulk food stores. Gotta run … I have an alfalfa/radish/broccoli mix that needs to be rinsed. Happy sprouting!

Dan Martin, Crescent Hill

Abortion and the Holocaust?

Thank you, Scott Wade, for writing such an awesome and informed news piece about our 44th president (LEO Weekly, Jan. 21). I agree with your thoughts of and comparisons to the 16th president’s ideals and hopefulness for change and equality.

What I didn’t appreciate was the Jackass McDouchebag (JA McDB) who wrote a letter to the editor (Feb. 11 issue) that said Obama’s voting policies about abortion helped continue a “holocaust.” I don’t throw that word around lightly, as did that particular DB. So the question I pose to him is this: If abortion and the right to do so makes it a holocaust, then does that mean every woman who has had to make the hardest decision of her life is akin to Adolf Hitler and that she subscribes to the Nazi regime? Um, no!

As a woman who has had to do so to save my own life, I will never see that decision as a comparison to what Hitler did in Germany. Perhaps when you judge blindly on matters that as a man you could never fully understand, try to use the compassionate part of your brain and not the retarded, uninformed portion.

Trisha Leisten, Audubon Park