Inbox — Jan. 14, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Jan 14, 2009 at 6:00 am

Vile Judgment

I am astounded that you have chosen to allow such a vile, ignorant letter to be published as the one in the Dec. 31 issue from a man on the west side (“Fag Rag” by William Moore). Never mind that we as Americans have matured enough to elect a bi-racial president, yet these “proud, right-wing conservative” Americans continue their rant of spewing forth nonstop hate and intolerance. Enough!

An awful lot could be assumed about this man — by those who are led by ignorance — just from his address. Apparently he missed that point. Some people never learn. Has he ever heard “Walk in another man’s shoes” or “Don’t judge, lest ye be judged”?

Anna Miller, Prospect, Ky.

Queer Ain’t Christian

After reading Kate Welsh’s column, “The Year of the Queer” (LEO Weekly, Jan. 7), with more than a little amusement, I found myself experiencing a myriad of emotions. First, there was a blatant sense of sympathy for such a morally and spiritually bankrupt point of view. This quickly led to anger, apathy, disdain, and, finally, back to sympathy. So I decided to take Ms. Welsh’s challenge to make an argument against gay marriage.

One could make the argument that the mere use of the terms “straight” and “queer” could be used as evidence that not only gay marriage but the lifestyle in general is inherently wrong. Straight seems to imply right, proper or maybe even physically compatible. Queer, on the other hand, seems to suggest odd, improper, questionable or maybe even physically incompatible. However, as a proud Evangelical Christian, the only real argument necessary in my opinion is that the lifestyle, not to mention marriage within that lifestyle, is an abomination to the Lord our God. The scriptures tell us that marriage is between a man and a woman. Seems kind of cut-and-dried to me. And by the way, a little more Rick Warren and a little less Barack Obama would do wonders for this country!

Mark Weatherholt, Crestwood

Open Mind

Attn: Tom Louderback:

There is no such thing as being open-minded. One must act open-mindedly.

Your insistence in the Jan. 7 Inbox that gay rights activists have “dragged down” the Democratic Party’s “open-minded” elected officials like John Yarmuth by insisting that the basic human right to equal marriage laws be respected sounded like the words of someone who had no trouble obtaining a marriage license.

Please open your mind sufficiently to understand that tens of thousands in Yarmuth’s district are denied what you take for granted.

George Morrison, Original Highlands

Five-Alarm Concern

Sarah Kelley’s article on the closing of the firehouse in Old Louisville was spot-on (LEO Weekly, Dec. 31). I attended the meeting she covered, and her reporting demonstrates the value of a weekly publication wherein the writer has time for reflection, verification and skillful prose.

It is apparent to me that the current administration has deliberately set imminent deadlines to prevent a considered public reaction — during a holiday season with many competing distractions — and supported the closure with suspect data (read: intelligence). It reminds one of the tactics of another administration, now much discredited. The mayor’s absence at the meeting and the presence there of many frustrated community leaders raises doubts about his judgment if he plans a longer political career.

Lawrence J. Chase, Old Louisville

Respect the Gun

I was disappointed to find a score of “-2” given in the Dec. 31 “What a Week” feature because of the success of the December gun show. I feel this newspaper, along with many other groups, blindly dismisses guns and their owners as right-wing zealots.

The reality is, the Second Amendment is in place to protect citizens’ rights to self-defense. Attacking the Second Amendment removes the ability of self-defense and, in turn, the right to self-defense. This self-defense is not only against a home intruder or a criminal, but also against a tyrannical government.

I am very much a leftist and feel it is really unfortunate that so many of my fellow leftists have blindly dismissed guns. This has left defense of this right solely to incompetent right-wing politicians, with callous attacks and harassing laws being perpetuated by equally incompetent left-wing politicians.

Please understand, our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment after fighting a war with what was their tyrannical government, and they realized that it may come again.

Lastly, it is somewhat hypocritical to say the gun show degraded Louisville, and then on your back cover and website showcase ads for a gun range.

Jake Barker, Buechel/Fern Creek

Church is All Around

I have been following, with interest, the comments about local houses of worship by your two talented writers (Church Hoppers George Halitzka and Zach Nord).

Over two decades, I’ve attended about 400 services at a local megacurch and found joy in the spitting gusto that spawns a service. The talented preachers are able to mix brimstone with belly laughs. And the musical entertainment is top drawer. I never feel cheated for having attended and am generous with my offering.

The congregation obviously would follow the likable, comic clergy anywhere and eagerly look forward to being told what to think. My own weakness is to explore issues without the aid of a church, a cleric or a holy book and continue my happy life with the strong values I’ve formed.

Bob Moore, East End