Inbox — Dec. 7, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Dec 7, 2011 at 6:00 am

Bad Boys
I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or gag when I read that Steve Shaw’s nicest-cop-ever anecdote was merely one of a cop giving someone a free pass once the cop discovered he knew the person he was stopping (LEO Weekly, Nov. 30). Compared to the negative stories told about cops, even in Shaw’s very same column, his one small mention of the “guts, glory and mercy” just makes my stomach turn. We’re supposed to put up with all the abuse of power in hopes that maybe one day when we’re stopped for a traffic violation the cop might recognize us from somewhere and let us off easy (which is actually just more abuse of power, but in our favor at the time)? Really?
Samantha Otto, Highlands

Race Bait
After reading the article “American Slaves Inc.” in the Nov. 16 LEO Weekly and the comment in Inbox made by Zach Sanders in regards to the article, I feel an unbiased summation of both is in order. Sanders called Mr. Shelton a “race baiter,” forgetting that whites are at the forefront of the American Slave Movement. Does Sanders consider them “race baiters” also? Mr. Shelton is not trying to make a name for himself, nor is he exploiting slavery; he’s trying to correct the atrocities of slavery. Everyone except the uninformed knows that American slaves were released from slavery and placed in a capitalistic society without capital, no leadership and no plan for advancement.

I’ve read the six books written by Mr. Shelton that started that American Slave Movement. He tried to get black churches to help this group of depressed people, but they turned a deaf ear. Black Muslim leader Malcolm X said slave descendants should be freed “by any means necessary.” Thank goodness Mr. Shelton is a thinking man and not a non-thinking, racist radical. Sanders should read this prophet’s work, especially “America’s Little Black Book,” before criticizing his effort. This is the only man I know of who has a concrete plan on how to correct the lingering after-effects of slavery without it destabilizing the American economy.

He’s is not “profiting from poisoning his fellow man from the sale of alcohol.” He’s using the sale of alcohol to help free abandoned people. The book “Black Name, White Game” explains that Mr. Shelton has taken the “oath of poverty” until he accomplishes his mission. For the first time in American history, thanks to Mr. Shelton, we have a movement that can unite all Americans by understanding the truth of “hyphenated Americans.” Mr. Shelton is not a “race baiter,” but I think Sanders is a “race hater.” It’s sad that some people think as long as slave descendants stay destitute and ignorant of their proper identity, America is safe, sound and united. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Shenita Rickman, West End

How Does It Feel?
While I share frustration with other readers over the fact that so little is getting done in Washington these days, I am glad to see our Constitutional Republic still works. It was not too long ago when it was the Democrats blocking the progress of the conservative agenda via Congress. I’m sure some conservatives are asking, “How’s it feel?” We must all remember it is the voters who have opted for this arrangement, even if it is blocking our own desired agendas. We do not want it any other way, for this is what keeps us from being a Democracy run simply by majority rule, which we have never been nor will ever be. It is this protection that keeps liberals and conservatives alike from plowing over each other whenever either can muster 51 percent of the vote. This has saved our Republic for 235 years while no Democracy has stood for more than 50 years without major upheaval.

America’s Constitutional Republic is not a very pretty form of government, but it is still the best mankind has developed for protecting an individual’s rights that cannot be given by man. Once we accept rights that come only from the ruling mob, we are no better off than when we first revolted against the English. We are no better off than any other mutinous mob that took down aristocracy and allowed more tyrants to run in to take over the leadership void. Must history repeat itself? We must be careful what change we advocate.
Mark Roth, Valley Station