Inbox — Aug. 3, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Aug 3, 2011 at 5:00 am

No Hope
Jonathan Meador takes a snarky swipe at the Scarlet Hope ministry in the last few inches of his article about the adult entertainment industry (LEO Weekly, July 20) by, it appears, merely making conclusions from a website. Without comment or discussion about whether that was journalistically sound, I will say that his depiction of Scarlet Hope seemed purposefully skewed and, although it might appeal to the typical LEO reader, I doubt he captured the organization’s intent. An article that deals with the economic impact of exotic dancing ordinances really should not include Scarlet Hope at all.

You see, Hope goes into about 14 clubs weekly with the consent of the club owners and, in some cases, at the request of club owners. The women of Scarlet Hope feed the women in these clubs wonderfully prepared meals and help them with their preparations (example: putting on their makeup). The objective is to show them unconditional love. There is no need for strippers to leave the clubs, or commit to leaving, to receive this attention. If the women want to talk about faith and God, the Hope workers are more than willing, but that is not necessary.

Economics are never aside. Women who leave the industry are helped — if they need it — as well as the ministry is able. Helped educationally, emotionally, etc. It may not be easy to discuss, but many of these women have been abused and/or have addictions. Scarlet Hope is simply trying to help. Is that bad for the economy?

If you talk to the founders of Scarlet Hope, you will likely find that their objective is not to shut down the industry. Talking to them might have been a good idea. In short, Meador’s unflattering reference was both irrelevant to his article and ignorant. I hope he can do better than that in the future. LEO may be free, but that should not suggest a lack of integrity.
Michael Ekman, Louisville

Show Some Skin
Where’s the beef? What a disappointment. I would think that a publication that throws around the f-bomb like LEO does and has light porn among the ads on the inside back cover could show a little skin. Your July 20 “Strip: Tease” article was well written (as we have come to expect with anything Jonathan Meador touches), but your stripper/model for the photos, hot though she may be, had on more clothes than I wear to cut my grass. Come on guys, you’re turning into a bunch of prudish old biddies.
Charlie Baker, Highlands

Creepy Greed
Jim Welp in his July 20 column “Leaders wanted” is pointing out one of this country’s present problems. I contend the other side or maybe the same side of the coin is the lack of anyone to follow good leadership. Maybe even to know it when they see it. It seems we are looking for the “flash-bang type” — the kind with no substance. They appeal to the “I am right and everyone else is wrong” side. I am sorry to burst the bubble, all of us are wrong and all are to blame. The longer you have been around, the more responsibility you need to accept. I am 62. I am an early boomer. Greed has crept into our society in a huge way. No group can claim the high ground. Young, old, rich, poor, Democrat, Republican, left, right or just middle of the road, we all have failed in our duty as good citizens, good people of faith, or just good persons. Let us ask hard questions and expect hard answers from our present or future leaders. We got where we are by overspending, under taxing and gross negligence on everyone’s part.

We need to find good people and support them. We need to overlook some things. We need to show some backbone. No more one-issue politics.
Jim Mathews, Louisville