Inbox — April 23, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Apr 23, 2014 at 5:00 am

Hell in a Handbasket
Dear April Corbin:

In response to your March 19 article in LEO Weekly (titled “For God so love the gays”), I was very disappointed that it did not address the issue of gay Christians who are struggling to live biblically rather than changing the church to accommodate their sin. You cannot change the truth. Sadly, the people you interviewed for this article believe that reforming church thinking will absolve them and abolish this particular sin. It will not. The sin will still be evident — if not in man’s eyes, certainly in God’s.

Most Christians I know do not hate gays, and, as you stated, we all know more than a few gay people. Jesus preached repentance and turning away from sin. He also preached for man to love one another. I am sure you have heard the phrase “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” You cannot change the church and make this sin acceptable. Nor can you change the Bible. You can live as you desire outside the will of God and try to justify it by saying the Bible is outdated and full of hatred, but it will still be a sin. Even if the church changes its view, it will still be a sin. You can get pastors on board with this new thinking, and it will still be a sin. Do you know why? Because God says so. It is such a sin that God destroyed a city over it; does Sodom and Gomorrah ring a bell?

The church that skips over scripture that speaks of forbidden relationships because they are not in line with being loving, accepting and safe for worshippers is not a Bible-believing church. In fact, they are not a good representation of a true Christian, rather a very misguided one.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this.
M. Sanders, South End

Not So Liberal Jesus
In response to Richard Hodge’s April 9 Inbox letter:

Let’s talk about the worldview that is most intolerant and most filled with hypocrites! Recently, many Democrats, entertainers and politicians alike have been caught bashing gays, demeaning blacks and, yes, degrading women. In fact, through the years, they have done it over and over and are always given passes by the National Organization of Victims. Of course no such organization exists, but these would be the leaders of the so-called above mentioned groups. I could name these distinguished people, but the things they have said certainly are not secret. On the other hand, most conservatives and Christians are guilty of no such gay bashing, hatred toward blacks or disrespect of women — they simply either defend sacred biblical and religious institutions such as marriage and are attacked by the same hypocrites who give the real haters and bigots season passes.

Most of these so-called leaders are not interested in gays, blacks and women at all, but use them to line their pockets with the real color they love and respect: the color green. Liberals believe in civil rights ardently, unless you are a gun owner, white man, black conservative, white woman conservative, a heterosexual who believes marriage has biblical origins, a patriot, and anyone who is pro-life, to name a few. Finally, Jesus said: “He who is without sin cast the first stone,” followed by “Go and sin no more.” Since liberals love all sin, I guess that rules Jesus out as a liberal!
Mark D. Milby, Camp Taylor

Bled Dry Live!
I see that the fabulous Cordish Company will be responsible for the newly announced $260 million complex in downtown Louisville at Third and Liberty streets.

I wonder if that also means they will be getting who knows how many millions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money like they did before when they created Fourth Street Live. Why is it this city insists on handing millions to large, money-making corporations while the average citizen is bled dry day in and day out when it comes to their own taxes?
Robert Zoeller, Fern Creek