Fall of the house

Mar 16, 2016 at 2:32 pm
Fall of the house

Originally, I came to the page to write only about the Donald Trump Louisville rally where the young woman was accosted by angry white men and boys whose behavior is indicative of entitlement centuries old. I am embarrassed that as a nation, we have not done a better job at tempering this type of prejudice. We swept it aside and expected it to disappear. It did not.

I am also not surprised. We continue the trajectory set forth by the idiotic theory of a melting pot. The melting pot was a way that the dregs of colonialism could control the narrative of diversity by allowing us “other” folks to think we had full access and rights to a society, provided we assimilated seamlessly into its culture. Assimilation was the goal but only in a way that allows oppression to continue, and that renders those assimilating invisible to the dominant culture.

Trump represents a world that will never exist again, and “angry white people” are mourning.

The world has always been diverse but with advantages in weaponry, colonizers were able to write the narrative that they wanted. They were able to create enough fear and subjugate enough people around the world to do almost anything they wanted. Consequently, this created the feelings of entitlement to an America that doesn’t exist and is suffering its last gasps. Now these desperate and frightened colonial children are not sure what to do or how to live in a world that doesn’t let them oppress at will.

Living in a world where knowledge is global and having to rely on and interact with people different than themselves means that the wrongs of their legacy have come home to roost. The laws of nature­ will always need to be balanced. The heirs of this racism have to make amends for their ancestors. This country’s dirt is blowing freely and showing little historical separation in the behaviors of racists now or before, especially when watching a Trump rally. America’s past can’t be changed but the bill of Karma is due.

The ownership of this problem is worldwide, thanks to colonial sprawl, but the onus particularly lies at the feet of white America. Those in the minority in this country have spoken up for years about the aggression and micro-aggressions of deep-seated prejudice that we experience on a daily basis. We’ve been ignored and abused, and we’re simply sick of saying the same thing over and over.

Writing this today, I’m saying to white people: Deal with it. Get your houses in order. It is on you to address this issue and to find a remedy. If the idea is that all people should be one and united, then find a solution. Until then, don’t expect that minorities in this country will sit quietly and sing “Kumbaya” with you. It isn’t going to happen.

If this statement is troubling, take it as a sign that a little self-reflection might be in order. If you love one black person but hate a Mexican, you have an issue. If you think blacks are thugs but Asians are cute and funny, you have an issue. Get your shit straight.

This country cannot unite or stand strong when the very root of our national sin is still festering like an open wound. It isn’t black and white. It is white, and it is the responsibility of those who benefit most from the system to make sure that, if inclusion is the goal, the system works for all.

Pay attention to how people are treated. Don’t brush off every police brutality incident as an attack on cops but ask why those hired to serve and protect are acting like beasts against American citizens. Changing your point of view means changing your internal narrative about race and diversity.

Consider that your point of view is shaped by a lifetime of never having to think about being left out, hurt, or killed because you aren’t white. Ask yourself how that experience allows you to discount minority voices saying, “This system is broken and isn’t fair.” It isn’t fair to us and that, in turn, means that ultimately, if you desire our unity, it isn’t fair to you.

There is no space here for racist xenophobes like Trump and his followers. Make no mistake; it has nothing to do with their freedom of speech. It stopped being about that when his supporters began assaulting people. Bottom line: It is about the soul of our nation and finally righting history.