Does It Snow Less In Louisville Than It Used To? Meteorologist Marc Weinberg Told Twitter The Answer.

Mar 10, 2022 at 12:16 pm
Louisville isn't a snowy area and hasn't been for decades.
Louisville isn't a snowy area and hasn't been for decades. Photo courtesy of Aaron Burden, Unsplash

If your memory of winter in the Louisville area from childhood is one of piled high snow drifts and endless sledding, you’re wrong. 

People from the area — yes, even me — often say that it used to snow more in Louisville than it used to. 

WDRB’s Chief Meteorologist Marc Weinberg has heard it, too, and he had some fun on Twitter last night proving once again that human memory is never as good as we think it is. 

Weinberg calculated the average winter snow per year in the area by decade, and found that the amount hasn’t changed much from the 1970s to the 2010s. 

He even offered an explanation as to why we apparently think Louisville used to be as white as the North Pole: “ I just think we remember the big snow events, but forget the lower years,” he wrote.

And, for good measure, Weinberg added March into his measurements and found a similar trend.

Weinberg said he wanted to make a single point with his tweets: “This is not a snowy area and really never has been. We do get years with some sizeable snows, but they are averaged out by the years that don't have much snow,” he wrote.

While it might not snow much in Louisville, some is expected to hit the city Friday evening. So, if it happens, maybe enjoy the rare opportunity instead of complaining. 

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