Best Patio In Louisville 2021

Oct 29, 2021 at 2:13 pm
Sangria and sun at ShopBar
Sangria and sun at ShopBar Provided photo
ShopBar Patio season is close to over, of course. But, the best place to suck down the remaining dregs of tolerable weather is at ShopBar. This lovely establishment is almost all patio — and what a patio it is. Half bar, half shop, hence the name, ShopBar is decorated with an assortment of thrifted finds, including a voyeuristic mannequin peering into the indoor area, that make for a delightfully mismatched vibe. The space is separated from Barrett Avenue with overflowing flower boxes. Within their embrace, you’ll find an assortment of seating options, including picnic tables and patterned couches that you and your grandma will love. It’s so nice, especially on a sunny afternoon, that the drinks almost don’t matter, but those are good too. I recommend the Hunter & Harlow, a sweet rum cocktail that’s tempered with an ever-so-slightly spicy chili salt rim.