B-Sides (MUSIC & OTHER EPHEMERA): Dark New occupations

Jan 29, 2008 at 6:59 pm

Crestwood native Clint Lowery’s spare time is slowly dwindling. The former guitarist for Sevendust, who toured with Korn all of last year, uses an East End mixed martial arts studio, where he teaches to teach guitar and the ins and outs of the music business.

His perspective is not that of an outsider. Lowery’s primary project, Dark New Day, finished its second album, tentatively called Exercise & Vicious Thinking, for Warner Bros. Records in September. In April, the band will burn some rubber touring the United States.

David Bendeth, who spearheaded records by Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Hawthorne Heights and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, produced Exercise, which Lowery says was as much an exercise in self-discovery as it was completing a project.

“Individually, we were predominant songwriters in our own bands,” says Lowery. Bendeth “is a great guitar player, so he understands melody. He was good at speaking our language.”

Lowery’s class, which he teaches at martial arts studio The Core on Eastpoint Boulevard, gives him a chance go to pass on the knowledge he’s picked up. “I go over the songwriting process. The students ask me the basics like, how does a band go about getting a record deal, just the fundamentals.”

It’s still worth it, even in a suffering record industry. “Record labels are trying to get around the Internet, around iTunes,” he says, “but at the end of the day, people will always wanna go see live bands. If you have a good record, people are gonna wanna see that record played live, and that’s where bands make their money anyway.”

Interested players can reach Lowery at The Core at 489-5444.

Mat Herron is LEO’s Music Editor. Send pleas for mercy to [email protected]