Oct 30, 2007 at 6:41 pm

Welcome to B-Sides. Feel free to mock the name. All my other suggestions used the F-bomb.
So what’s here? Why should you waste eyesight on another comma-deficient tome in this, our eccentrically observant periodical?

We’re doing our part for literacy. Musings, updates on shows, new albums, stuff I like, stuff I don’t, all shaped into a svelte 375-400 words. I’ll even answer your questions. Go ahead:
Why is the sky blue? I think it has to do with chemistry, which I got a D in. Next.
Where do babies come from? Don’t know. Just glad I don’t have any.
When will the East End bridge get built? Now that’s funny.
Here’s what I know:

Our favorite, frizzy-haired comp-troller John King released a new batch of Misfits covers earlier this month by Louisville bands. Louisville Babylon features heavy hitters you might see at the grocery store. Among them: My Morning Jacket doing “Hollywood Babylon,” Dave Pajo does “Angelfuck,” The Slow Break shows its “Attitude,” Wax Fang celebrates “Halloween” and Ultra Pulverize gives its priceless spin on “Where Eagles Dare.”

An in-store goes down at 5 p.m. Friday at ear X-tacy (1534 Bardstown Road, 452-1799). Eight tickets will be given away to see the Misfits show that night at Expo Five Dome.

With post-“Sopranos” HBO on the couch, literally and figuratively, Showtime has hijacked my attention span and my motivation.

“Californication”: David Duchovny sheds geek status for schlep writer status. Tortured scribe plots — we’ve seen those, but how can you not love darts like this: “Now you’re looking at me like I just finger-banged your cat.” It could give “Entourage” a run for its money. And like I have to tell you Natascha McElhone’s attractive …

“Dexter”: Slow to the batter’s box, but Michael C. Hall is quickly transforming his character’s noirish, campy murderer-vigilante into gold.

“Brotherhood”: SHO’s crown jewel explores both facets of evil: The surreptitious maneuvering kind and the bash-tastic, head-slammed-in-the-car-door kind. It’s hard to tell which one’s worse.

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