Jun 11, 2008 at 1:07 pm

Keep Louisville Gonzo

Proving that one man and a guitar can still be interesting, Jose Gonzales returns Saturday, this time to Headliners Music Hall, where he joins Lexington’s Neva Geoffrey. Showtime is 9 p.m., and tickets are $15. This is the second date of his North American tour, which he kicked off at Bonnaroo this week. Gonzales has grown more environmentally conscious with his treks. According to the May 27 story in the British rag New Musical Express, on his last North American tour, he and his crew used biodegradable catering products and reusable water bottles.

Welcome back, Honeychild

In recording her latest album, Halo Inside, Honeychild Coleman probably broke the world record for “Most Stuff in a Brooklyn Apartment,” were Guinness to have such a category.

Coleman, the former member of Cop Shoot Cop and current rhythm guitarist for Apollo Heights, crammed her sixth-floor apartment full of recording equipment brought from Italy, using mattresses as soundproofing when the crew wasn’t sleeping. Even more stressful, she recorded during New York’s CMJ Festival, so she was playing every night, then tracking until 5 a.m.“I was like, ‘Wow, you guys must really love me,’” said Coleman, a Louisville native.

Oh, and there was no air conditioning.

Halo Inside is due out this summer, and has a mixtape vibe, Coleman said. “I feel really lucky, because a lot of people whose music I love wanted to be on this record, and everyone showed up and put their heart into it.”

She plays for free at 6 p.m. Thursday ear X-tacy (1534 Bardstown Road, 452-1799), then Friday at The Pour Haus (1481 S. Shelby St., 637-9611).

LEO Music ’Cast

This week, Louisville rapper Baby Loc discusses her new album, Real Chic, out this week on Ice Age Records. Listen in at leomusiccast.podbean.com, or myspace.com/leoweekly.

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