Aftertastes for 1-23-08

Jan 22, 2008 at 6:24 pm
CORBETT’S “AN AMERICAN PLACE,” 5050 Norton Healthcare Blvd., 327-5058. Based on a pre-opening dinner, Corbett’s will be the hot spot of the year. Owner/chef Dean Corbett takes everything he has done at Equus and kicks it up several notches in a dining room, staff, bill of fare and beverage program that accepts nothing less than perfection. (Reviewed 12/26/07; Rating: N/A)

ROYAL INDIA, 4123 Oechsli Ave., 896-0025. This new Indian spot ranks as one of the best in town. In addition to a wide selection of relatively familiar Northern Indian dishes, it’s currently the only place in town where you can find the tasty vegetarian cuisine of Southern India. (Reviewed 1/2/08; Rating: N/A)

RED PEPPER CHINESE CUISINE, 2901 Brownsboro Rd., 891-8868. The latest tenant in the Moorish-looking building on Brownsboro Road, it’s now the domain of a skilled Sichuanese chef who arrived recently from Chicago’s Chinatown. It’s no mere chopsticks house but a classy restaurant offering both familiar Chinese-American dishes and an interesting “authentic Chinese” menu. (Reviewed 1/2/08; Rating: N/A)

OAK STREET PIZZA, 125 E. Oak St., 585-1788. This tiny little storefront in Old Louisville, has been getting great reviews from the foodies on the forum. Takeout only, it’s close to a New York City pizza in style. (Reviewed 1/9/08; Rating: N/A)

TACOS LA ROSITA, 113 Grant Line Plaza, New Albany, (812) 948-7967, La Rosita owners Israel and Lidia Landin opened this second New  Albany location in late 2007. Along with the familiar Mexican fare, the menu is vegetarian-friendly, offering seven interesting meat-free options, including a veggie taco. (Reviewed 1/9/08; Rating: N/A)

MERIDIAN CAFÉ, 112 Meridian Ave., 897-9703. This cozy St. Matthews lunch spot has always attracted crowds, but now they made a good thing even better by adding a bunch of appetizing breakfast dishes. Menu choices include “light breakfasts” like grilled banana walnut bread to “Meridian Classics” like pastrami hash. (Reviewed 1/9/08; Rating: N/A)

LIMESTONE RESTAURANT, 10001 Forest Green Blvd., 426-7477, Chefs Jim Gerhardt and Michael Cunha specialize in dressing up Southern fare in a city suit. The suburban restaurant remains up there with the top spots in town. (Reviewed 1/16/08; Rating: 90)